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You know about those RETRACTABLE pen drives? Does anyone know how to get this type of pen drive working again once it suddenly stops working?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) August 12th, 2009

I just bought one, 8 GB, maxell, suddenly not working.
I’ve just put some photos on it, first files It’s been in contact with.
This had already happened to me with another pen drive…different make, now all I have to do with that one to make it ‘work’ is tilt it in the port a bit, or fiddle with it and/or apply pressure to it.

But this one, the new maxell one.. I can’t get it to budge. I’m using linux.. xandros and I’m not quite familiar with it yet, so I don’t even know how to reach around the problem. need help.. need photos .. thanks

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Is the drive recognized at all? Try it in another computer, if it’s still not working it may be fried.

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@limeaide cheers, mate.. I don’t know whether the drive is or not… sure thing is, the first time i’d inserted it into the system the pc read it and I was able to put some files onto it. Now… I try to slip it into the port but nothing…. autoplay doesn’t even startup.. nor is it identified in the main folder as external bla bla bla….
nothing blank..
Though I’ll try it in a windows os..I’ll see then.
If that doesn’t work, should I try recuping the data with recuva,stellar phoenix…or something.. ?

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@Anatelostaxus I think you’ve laid out your only recourse. Wish there was more, if there is I wouldn’t know what it would be.

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@limeaide appreciate it anyway, mate. I’ll try what’s left.

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