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Is there a limit to how many USB hubs I can put on a computer?

Asked by Quagmire (2088points) August 12th, 2009

Can I plug a 4 or 7 port USB hub on every available USB port on my desktop? Why or why not? What determines the limit?

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The Universal Serial Bus gives you a single, standardized, easy-to-use way to connect up to 127 devices to a computer. Unfortunately, the more you connect, the more possibility there is to have issues. If you’re using XP, then there shouldn’t be a problem but I try to limit USB devices to the fewest number I can.

In addition, check the hard drive instructions. Some hard drives need to be connected directly to the USB port on the computer.

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I have one 4 port hub with the iPod connector, my wireless keybord/mouse device, my scanner and external drive. All are working fine except the wireless device which I want to move to the front USB port a la another hub. I’ve limited space on my desktop. My widescreen monitor obstructs the USB port. Adding a hub in the front will allow me to make the USB more accessible AND put the wireless device closer to the mouse.

Using Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

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I don’t think you’re close to using up your available USB device limit, but I would use a powered USB hub.

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Virtually unlimited if they are all powered. But THINK! USB datarates devide by the amount of devices connected. If you really need to plug in a lot.. Go Firewire (400/800) cause the speed remains constand for a great amount of devices.

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Also consider not using two of the same USB cables. I’ve got more devices that use USB to mini USB, I leave the cable plugged in the back and just swap devices. If you still after all the advice about fewer cables and firewire want to add a USB hub, best is to go PCI, it’s powered by the PC so no extra plug needed and it powers off with the PC, speed is also optimal because it is the closest to the motherboard.

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