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Could you tell only the truth for one full year?

Asked by lazydaisy (1505points) August 12th, 2009

The absolute truth, as you understand it, every day, in every circumstance.

Would you be shocked at all the little white lies, lies of omission and avoidances of truth you really use?

No more making up an excuse to get off the phone. No more compliments for the worst dinner you have had in recent memory

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Are you crazy?! I’ll get slaughtered out there!

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Yes, easily, since I rarely lie now.

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jim carrey. nuff said

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Interesting question. I don’t think I’m being delusional, but I don’t think I do any of that. Now I might not say hurtful things, but I don’t make up things to say instead of them, I simply will keep my mouth shut.

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No, I couldn’t.

In some ways, it would be helpful to my life… no more saying “no worries” when really, I mean “fuck you” or “no, I won’t be walked on.” No more saying “Yeah, mom, I’m super happy” when really, I’m miserable and need some serious comforting.

But also, that would mean saying “Damn, kid, this picture sucks. Did you even try?” instead of “oooh, I love all the colors!” and “Wow, your kid is really freaky looking!” instead of “she’s beautiful!”

I don’t think I’d be shocked if I realized all the lies I tell. Many, many of the lies I tell are beneficial to the relationships I have and to the people who are hearing them.

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No not really, I wouldn’t be able to say that I’m ok when I’m certainly not.
Or stay home when I want to by faking a sickness.
But I could try, I don’t lie that often, just when I really need to or think I do.

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probably not. I don’t lie often but I do sometimes to people I don’t know in order to get whatever it is I am seeking at the time.

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I don’t think it would be too hard.

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Then YOU try it!

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White lies keep the world spinning

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Yes. Yes I could.
Aw dammit. Can we restart? starting….now!

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It takes great resolve and considerable merit to address dishonesty. The problem is we are blindsided by our own ignorance and can easily gloss over our own lies. We can so easily see the dishonesty in others We all want to cut the roots of the tree of ignorance but to do so only creates more branches. Better still, is to accept that lies and truth are part of our world and make personal effort to live more authentically.

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If lying by omission counts, then of course not; it would be boorish and almost certainly impossible to share all potentially relevant information. If it doesn’t, then maybe, with a lot of careful phrasing.

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I am always honest. It is one of my faults. So, next year will be no different.

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No, mainly because of the “lies of omission” part. Some would argue that that isn’t really a lie, however.

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No way Im a liar.

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No, the world isn’t ready to know my mind

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Hm, I’m don’t think so. When I lie, it’s almost always about emotion, or to make someone else feel better. If I told everybody how I really felt about everything all of the time, not only would people would other people get hurt, but it would hurt me as well.

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I make it a policy to not lie, so it would come very easy for me.

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but you lie to your children (santa and stuff)

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Damn I just lied!

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@YARNLADY Even the “thanks for calling!” kind of lies, when what you really mean is “damnit, I was up to a great point in my book” or the “I’m so happy for you!” kind of lie, when you really mean “Why the heck are you marrying that schmuck?”

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When I have something to say, I tell the truth. If I think of negative thoughts, or lies, I keep my trap shut. It works.

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When I have nothing to say my lips are sealed. Say something once.
Why say it again?

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Lying is part of the social contract. We all do it, everyday.

And, no; I wouldn’t want to.

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Not a chance. I’m married. What would I do with the “do these pants make me look fat” question? j/k

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^ isn’t kidding ^

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Yes, I would.

We don’t all do it every day. Some of us do it every day.

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This very reply is a lie.

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@SeventhSense You’re right I’m not. I would be forced to say “No honey, it’s your fat that makes you look fat.. AND those pants are too small for you” .. at which point I would be brutally beaten to death and my pierced head paraded around the city amongst a writhing, angry mob of feminists.

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Sounds like a party.

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<<fingers crossed behind back>>

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No! If I always said exactly what I wanted to say when people asked me something I really wouldn’t like the person I would become. I like being my sweet, polite little self. :)

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I could, but everyone would hate me by the time the year was over. A lot of self-editing takes place between my snarky mind and my relatively polite mouth.

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Silence is always an option. There is a difference between speaking the truth when you speak and blabbing your brains out. And telling the truth does not preclude tact.

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Nope, because sometimes a little white lie is what is needed to keep the peace. Anyone who is married knows about that.

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@Likeradar I am not the kind of person to lie about something just because it might be uncomfortable to tell the truth, and I rarely have opinions about other people that require lying. I try to keep an open mind. I once saw a child with a very ugly facial deformity, and I truthfully said look at those bright eyes, she is a sweety. It’s not necessary to make up a fake lie about anything.

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please. Not the “lying to your children about Santa and the Tooth Fairy” debate again…

I could not do this. I have too many creditors.

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I’ve been telling the truth for 37 whole years now, and yes, I know what you mean about white lies (I don’t even tell those ones most of the time) and omissions, which I often do (keeping my mouth shut when I want to say something). I could easily make a rule to no longer “omit”, though I’m not sure many people would like it.

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It is far from easy, but I feel I do a fair job of dealing with my pain and the nearly unbearable muscle cramps, as well as the daily scrapes and bruises I endure because I refuse to succumb to veggin’ in a hospital bed, because frankly, that, to me, is death. And it does not make me feel any fuckin better sharing that shit with and taking down @sccrowell or any of you or my family or anyone else. All that would do is make me feel worse and I just refuse to go there. Sorry, but I trust you understand. Peace…

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Oh damn i just lied in the last post , can i start over again ?

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All I know in life is this sensational subplot which I have cleverly constructed out of every lie I have believed and every lie I have told. All of these years traveling on the rock and roll road, living the lies, just to arrive here today, to discover this simple question, found at the end of a click upon a link called:

“Questions for You”.

It’s as if somebody out there knows something.


Well, so, now, at this very, moment, I am faced with the enormous task of crafting an honest answer.

OK, I’ll do it. Yes. Of course.

If everyone else signs up for the same deal too.

Because then, maybe, just maybe…

…I’ll have a chance!?

I mean, come on people, it’s just for a year…

One year.

And then we can go back…


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sweet and nasty :)~

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@SeventhSense Just sometimes on the last part :)

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Haha, i could try to. But I think I would slip up alot.

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