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What are your favorite brands?

Asked by andrew (16358points) January 14th, 2008

Which brands are you loyal to and why?
On the eve of the MacWorld announcement, I’d have to say Apple, as well as one of my all-time favorite brands, Method.

And of course, the Fluther community.

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I would say the three biggest brands that I am most loyal to are Apple, Chevrolet, and Nintendo.

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Honda cars

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I’d have to say Dove since it’s the only thing I’m not allergic to

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nintendo, Jordan, Nike those are my top 3 that are tied for 1st place

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Ooooh! Adidas! Great one, sferik

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Apple, J. Crew

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Google. It will take over the world one day. Just you wait.

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Apple, Honda, Teva, the NFL and Nike (though I’m a bit ashamed to admit it with the whole sweatshop thing).

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Tide, Bounty, Palmolive, Kleenex, Colgate

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Keens, Kozy Shack

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Keen! They make great shoes. Comfortable, stylish, waterproof or close-to-waterproof, good for all weather and almost any occasion.

I’m loyal to Apple; using a Mac makes my life just a little bit easier in a myriad of ways.

There are other products I like, like my toothpaste (Colgate!), but there’s not too much passionate brand loyalty there. I like Coke. Method is good. Tide is good.

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Snapple – cause its made from the best stuff in the planet
Staples – cause i canoot write properly without their gel pens
Fossil watches- they are reliable and cheap
Benedict Eye Glasses

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Wawa. i dont know how many of you on here have had the pleasure of visiting a wawa, but it is the greatest convenience store ever. From their awesome hoagies, to the great teas. That place just owns.

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Apple (I can’t imagine doing my job without them), vintage Fender, Camper Shoes, G*Star, N.I.C.E. Collective, Pelligrino, Canon, Ezekiel 4:9.

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Levis, adidas, DC

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Firehouse subs.

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victoria secret… Gooood times, good times

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Ooh, yeah, Method, definitely. Also Diet Coke.

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Ooh, I totally forgot. Dyson!

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Patek Phillipe,Ermenegildo Zegna,

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Apple, L.L. Bean, Toyota, Born (shoes), Legos, Birkenstock, Ritz, Deer Park h2O, Ikea.
Quality is the common denominator here.

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