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Know of a car rental agency in Portland that doesn't have an age surcharge?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) August 13th, 2009

I want to rent a car for a week in Portland but I am under 25. (Over 21, though.) Are there any car rental agencies that don’t have ridiculous extra age fees? The ones I’m looking at charge an extra $25 – 27 a day… which practically doubles the cost of the car. Do I have any options?

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This article lists a bunch of ideas for finding a rental when you are under 25 including a web site that gives you the data up front.

Try Enterprise and ask what their policy is.

You didn’t say which Portland you were going to.

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Are you going for work? Before I turned 25, the fee was always waived at Enterprise if I was using my company’s account. I’ve heard you can make these things up. Or instance, if you tell the agent on the phone that you work for Nike, but forgot to write down the corporate rate code, they
may let you slide. I would never ever recommend lying to get ahead in life, but it’s and option.

Also, if you’re headed to Portland OR, it’s very easy to get around the main part of town without a car. You might want to rethink your needs if money is tight for this trip.

Good luck!

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Yes, it’s Portland, OR.

I’m not going for work or sticking around Portland, unfortunately. I had hoped to explore Oregon with Portland as my home base. So I guess I’ll have to just pay the extra money or figure something else out. Thanks for the help, guys.

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@eadinad Wait, did you try that site I sent you? And the article? The article suggests a bunch of options.

If you get the chance, drive down the Oregon Coast. Spectacular!

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