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Could you tell a lie for one full year?

Asked by lazydaisy (1505points) August 13th, 2009

And never be caught?

My previous question about telling the truth for one full year made me wonder. Most people who responded said they would have a hard time telling only the truth for a year.

I am not asking if you could tell only lies. Just one.

Could you maintain it for a year with no cracks in the armor?

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I would have to say no. I am a very truthful person and would fond that hard, aside from it interfering with other things such as a job, your girlfriend, shool etc.

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Probably not and I wouldn’t even want to try. One lie leads to another, to another, to another….........

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Doh just read the description properly
Chances are people in your last thread would give same answers here .

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maybe so. we’ll see.
Telling only the truth vs. maintaining one lie seem very different to me.

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One lie, I’m living like 10

j/k couldn’t resist the Seinfeld reference

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I kept my lesbian status a secret without suspicion from the 2nd grade into my senior year of high school – then continued that lie for 2 more years until sophomore in college – eventually joined the military & kept it secret another 8 years while I fought for rights & freedoms I don’t have access to for myself – answer YES

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@Jenniehowell – I am sorry as hell you had to, felt you had to. And thank you for serving your country!!! Lurve with scientific notation for bravery I don’t have.

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It would be very difficult, but yes, especially if it was to protect to someone.

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Depends on the lie.

“My favorite color is yellow.” Yeah, I could get away with that for a year.
“I have no debt,” “I’m an expert fly fisher” and “I never loved you” would be much harder and more damaging.

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I would say it depends upon my level of familiarity with the person.

If it was someone that did not know me that well I could probably maintain that I’m a yank who spent ten years of my life in Essex without breaking a sweat for a whole year.

If it was someone who knew me well. I wouldn’t want to lie to them in the first place, and they’d be able to call me on my lie long before a year was up. That and I agree wholeheartedly with bluefreedom

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@Jenniehowell I thank you for your service. Forever grateful.

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Many people maintain lies about themselves for much of their entire lives. A year would be nothing.

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Depends on the lie, but haven’t we all hid things from our parents most of our life? They sure as hell don’t know about my acid trip I had back in the day or how far I got with some of my girl friends. They probably never will. Easy.

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Telling one lie for a year wouldn’t be hard. Telling the entire truth for a year would be horrible. Especially if someone asks you if their butt looks big in that skirt!

Hell, I’ve kept up many lies or half-truths for many years. Like “No mother, I would never get at tattoo.” Where you can see it. Its been where it is for almost 4 years and no sightings or fighting yet! HA! :D

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I haven’t mentioned to either my family of origin, nor to my old college friends that I have been diagnosed as bipolar going on two years now.

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My whole life is a lie, so yes.

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@Ame_Evil Really? Do you want it that way? Or, do you wish you could let go of all of the lies?

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Certainly not.
Communication would collapse. I could not tell others what I wanted.
I would go into a shop wanting to buy a new television set but instead of asking for a TV, I would ask for a microwave.
Totally impractical.

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Um, hello…anyone here have kids? Do they believe in Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? We keep these lies going for WELL over a year, the vast majority of us do anyway.

Was that sweater you gave to the Goodwill in 2004 REALLY worth the $15 you wrote off for it on your taxes?

Do those pants REALLY not make your wife’s ass look fat?

Do you REALLY not know who ate the last 2 Oreos?

Are you as much of a people person as you told your boss when he first interviewed you for the job?

Are some of your “best” friends REALLY (insert racial type here)?

Did you REALLY not know that coupon you handed to the cashier had just expired?

I think anyone who says they couldn’t hold onto a lie for at least a year is, well, LYING!

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@dalepetrie What Oreos? looking innocent

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@dalepetrie I think most of us were thinking big lies, not those every day commonly accepted fibs. Actually, I was thinking more like @daloon something that you keep to yourself, maybe a lie, maybe not a lie, maybe an omission that is significant in your life and is secretive.

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Of course.

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@Bri_L @Grisaille thanks for the votes of thanks

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Already have multiple times for multiple years.

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I would really hate to give a proper answer , if i have been lying then people might wonder if i lied to them . Causing them to doubt what i say >

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I would not have a hard time telling the truth for a year, as I said on the other thread, but I could also sustain a lie if I had to. I wouldn’t want to do it again, but I know I can.

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Experience shows that I absolutely can/could.

Of course, there are lies and there are LIES – but both just take guts, commitment & (above all) a good memory!

Deception is a skill we learn as toddlers & hone our entire lives. W/out it, we would be crushed by the needful agendas of everyone around us & would have no privacy or space.

And, as a writer, part of my trade is lying. Controlled, entertaining (hopefully) fiction (aka “lying”).....

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Yes, not a big one but one that keeps certain appearences, I could keep up. I really hate to lie though. I have the hardest time manipulating people. I’m not that good at it. I’ll cover for my family, but I can’t lie to my friends.

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Gadzooks, I have…..and I may again, no lie.

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