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I would like to make on RSS feed for more than one website and don't know how...

Asked by garydale (216points) August 13th, 2009

I know how to make an RSS feed on Feedburner from a blog but I have a few blogs and would like to make one RSS feed that takes the postings from them all. Is this possible? And if so, how?

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“Q: I have two different blogs but want to offer one consolidated feed. Does FeedBurner allow combining of multiple feeds into one ?

A: No, FeedBurner won’t merge your multiple feeds into one but you can use external services like Yahoo! Pipes, SuperGlu or RSS Mixer to create a single feed from your various blogs and then syndicate the merged feed via FeedBurner. Watch this tutorial on using Yahoo! Pipes to merge multiple RSS feeds into one FeedBurner feed.”

From FeedBurner FAQ – relevant Google search was ‘rss feedburner multiple sites in one feed’. Since you do not specify if you have tried any of those third party things, and if so, where exactly you got stuck, it is not easy to give more specific help.

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You can use Yahoo Pipes to merge them all into a single feed and then burn that with Feedburner. I’ve done it and it works quite good, though Pipes takes some getting used to.

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