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Do some people just BOTHER you?

Asked by christine215 (3173points) August 13th, 2009

Have you ever just been bothered or annoyed by someone… but they’ve really done nothing to warrant this feeling you have towards them. I find that sometimes, there are people that I come across that for no fault of their own (of which I am conscious) annoy the HELL out of me… A) do you get this feeling and B) why do you think we feel this way about some people?

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Yes. I’ve been called the Jerry Seinfeld of Fluther.

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Yeah, a Material Handling Specialist from the receiving dock has been in my guard shack for going on three weeks. She is a nice lady, but a bit too pretentious (name dropping) and her anal retentive traits make me look positively normal. Sigh, five more weeks of this, and then it’s time for shut down.

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that’s gold, jerry! Gold!

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Hell yes!!

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There are quite a few people who just annoy me to no end, but they have done things to warrant my distaste.
It’s a shame most of them are friends of close friends.

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@teh_kvlt_liberal not that there’s anything wrong with that

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A couple of people I work with just annoy the crap out if me. I take solice in the thought that I probably annoy other people, too.

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It use to be that way, but I have come to a point that I am very comfortable with myself.
So no one really does.

Unless they are directly using something against me.

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I’m sure, somewhere out there, is a person that bothers me just like you stated in your details. I can’t recall their name right now although I do know who they are. That bothers me. So does this question.~

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No, not right off the top of my head. I get along with pretty much everyone.

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@jbfletcherfan Really? You’re a nut head.
One day the world is going to run out of nuts and I’m blaming you.

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Yes, but it is usually my own neurosis.

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Yes, there is one poor man who irritates the snot out of me. It isn’t his fault, but he has some of the same mannerisms of the worst supervisor I ever worked with.

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No; if someone is bothering me, they’ve actively done something to bother me. It’s not fair to be annoyed by someone if they haven’t done anything to annoy you other than their presence in general; that doesn’t even make sense.

Doesn’t mean I’m not guilty of prejudging people, but I wouldn’t consider them an ongoing annoyance just because of their appearance or something.

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yeh tottally….for some strange reason girls with really round shaped faces (a bit moon faced) with blond hair irritate the crap outa me they can be the nicest people in the world and i still want to throw things at them..also nine time outa ten people with really round shaped faces are assholes….has anyone else noticed that?

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The only example that occurs to me is people who wear shades in cold climates. I spend the majority of my time in Scotland and see people wearing shades despite the fact we haven’t seen nor heard of this ‘sun’ entity for many centuries. Though even this is more confusing than bothersome.

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Yes. On fluther also?..Yes.

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Yes I do feel this way about certain people and I feel really bad about it. There is one person who couldn’t be nicer to me and yet she does my freakin’ head in. I feel bad because she is a real sweetie and (from what I can gather) hasn’t got a malicious bone in her body and yet, I find it really difficult to be around her for anymore than a few minutes before I have to walk away.

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LOLLLLL…....@Tink1113, @pikipupiba & @avvooooooo Watch it! I have very sharp teeth & I’m a notorious ankle biter. I may need to change my mind here about people who bother me! ;-)

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yeah, but sometimes i end up liking them after i get to know them. i think it’s usually just first impressions. sometimes i meet someone and i just get like an annoying vibe from them. but then it turns out they’re actually cool people.

then, i don’t dislike that many people. but when i do, i can usually find a reason or two. :p

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I admit that I sometimes have that reaction to people, but I make a conscious effort to get over it. However, sometimes I’ll meet someone and just their face annoys me. I don’t know why. These people must remind me of other people.

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Yes. I have a short list of people that drive me completely batty. I cringe when I have to deal with them. I hate feeling that way!

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@cak I hope I’m not one of them!

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Of course!! When I saw my cousin for the 1st time,I thought he’d be nice and caring…wrong! He’s soo freakin annoying and is making life a living HELL for everyone..even me! God I swear when he leaves I’m might kick him! its possible :P
God, there was this one boy in my class and he is super annoying and he thought he was soo cool and that he was the best but he was really a loser and I wanted to punch him! :|

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I take that back. There IS one person who I’d just like to send to the moon. He’s a kid who comes into the library & he’s in here right now. He talks too loud, pounds on the computer keys, butts in where he isn’t wanted & is just a total annoyance. I’ve gotten on his ass 3 times today for talking too loud. Next time he’s out. School starts next week. Thank God!

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@jbfletcherfan And you wonder why I say sqirlz r evil! And why I stalk you… To keep an eye on where you’re headed next! Don’t want you running up my pants leg!

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@avvooooooo Woo-hoo! Now THAT would be quite a trip, huh? Hahaaaaaaa

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I have to go with the people who posted that there is a reason the people who bother them, bother them. That’s how it is with me.

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@jbfletcherfan Yeah, I think it would. And somehow I think we’d both be bothered by it! Lol!

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Fuck yeah and then they get punched in the mouth.

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Do any of you think that the reaction of “not liking” someone who’s never actually done or said anything to you could be attributed to some intuitive sense about the person?

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@avvooooooo yeah, I know I would. I want to see where I’m going. LOL

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@christine215 i’d like to say yes but in reality probably not….its prolly just whatever your feeling at the time and what you project onto them…irrational behaviour yes but also completely human. i see no need to be reasonable to the enth degree just to be civilised so i think its fair game to dislike people for whatever reason you want so long as you treat them with fairness and civility. its impossible for us all to like eachother so its unfair expect it from yourself

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@jbfletcherfan Mebee I should just wear hotpants… Not much room to go up the legs there!

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@avvooooooo That sounds good. More meat to clamp on to. I’m going to go sharpen my teeth right now…......Hahahaaaaaaa

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Yes, but it is usually completely irrational on my part, and I try to set those feelings aside whenever I have to deal with them. Unless they are snapping gum in public. Then murderous rage is the only rational response.

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@avvooooooo Watch your back, honey. Watch your back. ;-)

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@jeruba snapping gum makes you that annoyed? lol how come?

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Grr grr It’s just grr it’s so—ack! squitch squitch pop squitch pop snap it’s just so I can’t stand it let me outta here ack! ack! grrrr I can’t talk about it kill kill kill ACK!

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@Jeruba Well then I bet bubble gum REALLY drives you crazy!

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ughhhh <body blow>

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I’ve met a few people that bother me for no reason that I am aware of. With the exception of one person (who I can’t bring myself to be anything but nice to) most of the people end up showing me why they annoyed me. It was either through betrayal, deception, or they simply got comfortable enough around me to show their true personality. I think we feel this way about people as some kind of defense mechanism.

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A few types of people. Obnoxious, loud, stereotypical frat boy types. People who talk as if they have to scream at the top of their lungs for someone right in front of them to hear. And those idiots that dress and act like they’re auditioning for a stereotypical mindless rap video. Wanna take a spiked bat to them(I grew up in Brooklyn and was surrounded by this particular type of poser).

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Of course they do and I in turn just bother some people.

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No. i refuse to give them that power. You live and learn.

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