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High school party woe...

Asked by shaman49 (5points) January 14th, 2008 from iPhone

If you are a minor, and you throw a high school party where underage drinking occurs, are you responsible for someone who died by drinking at your party and crashing his car?

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In my state your parents are responsible

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I’m not a lawyer but sounds like a really unfortunate situation…the best I can suggest with no professional background is that the laws vary from state to state and that possibly you and your parent(s)/guardian may be facing liability especially if they were aware of the party or facilitated the illegal alcohol consumption for the minors…at the very least your family may face civil liability…time to consult an attorney…

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I live in New York and my parents were away for the weekend.

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Are you asking for moral opinions or legal ones?

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You, as a minor, may not be liable, but your parents quite possibly will be, and whoever bought the alcohol may be as well.

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@gooch In my state the parents are irresponsible

On a more serious note, I grew up in New York and I recall that the laws were quite strict on this point. I believe that the person who provided the alcohol to the minor is liable, and if that person is a minor, then I believe the parents can be held liable.

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@ sferik by responsible I mean liable

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sferik’s answer….ditto in my state. If you are a minor you will be responsible for his/her death in some way, but your parents may be charged for the death as they are liable for your actions. If this is a ‘what if’ question, please pay attention to what you are reading and lay off the booze!!!!!

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Legally, your parents may be liable. But them not being present may change that, depending on your state.

Morally, everyone at the party is liable for letting them drive. This sucks, true.

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It’s probably time to call a lawyer instead of asking Fluther.

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Calling a lawyer sounds like a good idea. What a tragic situation.

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I agree with cwilbur.

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shaman49, any updates on what happened with this? I’m especially curious, please let us know!

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