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Do you have a tattoo you regret having gotten?

Asked by girlofscience (7527points) August 14th, 2009

I’m interested to hear about tattoos you wish you’d never gotten.

What is/are the tattoos(s) you regret?

How long after receiving the tattoo did you regret it? Was it immediate (something went wrong while receiving the tattoo), or you did regret it later?

If the latter, was it a gradual shift in preference, or was it a sudden realization that you no longer like the tattoo?

What was it like to realize that you are likely permanently stuck having something on your body that you do not like?

Why do you no longer like the tattoo(s)?

What advice would you give to people who are considering getting a tattoo in order to avoid future dislike of the choice?

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I see that there are already some answers here. Sorry I hadn’t seen that before. Still, feel free to write here if you hadn’t there and to answer some of my other questions.

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My daughter works in a tattoo and body piercing shop in Oklahoma. She has several tattoos, but she isn’t happy with the first one she got. I think it’s a horned woman with wings. She has been going thru quite a bit to have it removed, but it’s still obvious.

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@girlofscience do you regret your butt tattoo??
I was thinking of getting one there, but I’m afraid of the pain. I just feel it’ll be a sensitive area :-/

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@casheroo, a butt tattoo shouldn’t be too bad. Lots of meat there no insult intended and usually its anything close to the bone that is painful. The only exception is a fatty place again, nothing insinuated that is normally tender, like the back side of the arm.

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@casheroo: No, I don’t regret my butt tattoo. I think it looks very cute and has taken on a surprising new relevance…it’s an eye, and now I’m a vision researcher. :) Plus, it’s hard to regret something small on my right butt cheek that someone wouldn’t even see if I am wearing a bathing suit. It was a safe place, as it doesn’t have much potential to interfere with my life.

I’m considering getting a second tattoo. I would like a small one on my lower left hip/pubic area. Whatever that area would be called that would still be covered by a bikini bottom. I’m not exactly sure why, but I would only be open to getting tattoos in areas that would be covered even while wearing a bathing suit. I just prefer them to be private.

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@girlofscience if you have an eyeball on your butt (I have one on the back of my head, make of that what you will) how about an ear or a small open mouth with a tongue on the front side. Something like this

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@evelyns_pet_zebra: Definitely not. That looks very tacky and has no significance to me whatsoever. I do not want that on my body. I would only ever get a tattoo that I drew myself (I drew the eye I have on my butt), and I would likely want it to represent something that had to do with either science or cats. A very small, tasteful drawing that I designed and had meaning for me, as related to one of my passions.

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I only have two small ones and I don’t regret either of them. I would actually like to get a few more, but not a ton.

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I got a tatoo of a lady bug just above my right thigh when I was very young (25–30 years ago before they were socially acceptable. )
my motivations were all wrong, but that’s another story.
After having three kids the stretchmarks made it look like the bug was crawling in the grass.
A few years ago I got a tummy yuck and the ladybug went bye bye along with all that stretched out skin. I was happy to loose it. It’s not nearly as cool now that everybody gets them anyway.

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I don’t regret the one tattoo I have, but it’s kind of unnecessary. I feel @Judi about the stretch marks. They run into my tattoo (it’s on my hip). But they’re not that noticeable thank God.

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I have two tats… one of them I got while in San Antonio… it’s a butterfly. The only way you’d know it was a butterfly is if I told you though…

at one angle it kind of looks like a hummingbird, someone once told me it looks like two chili peppers hanging off of a scallion… so yeah, I regret that one

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@Judi My no tattoo spot is my thighs. That’s what stretched when I was pregnant, so I fear what it’d look like. Plus, I just don’t like thigh tattoos anyway. Also, being pregnant somehow shrunk my lower back tattoo…it used to wrap around to the front, and now it doesn’t. Strange!

@girlofscience I think that’d be a great location for you, especially since you said you don’t want kids…so it’d never get ruined.

I think the only tattoo I wish I had put more thought into was my lower back tattoo. It was me being young and having parents who agreed to let me get it…so I ran with it. My father recently told me they let me get it so it would deter me from getting more, obviously that didn’t work.
All my tattoos have meaning, and the meaning for them doesn’t change over time or because of the situation. I readily admit which ones are for specific people, mainly they represent the time I was with the person or what was happening in my life during those years. So, nothing to regret.

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Body journal!

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I have Block-O on my right shoulder blade. I do not regret it at all.

If you’re going to get a tattoo, and you’re not like a hardcore, lots of tattoos/piercings person….. You should

A) Don’t get it in a very visible place. Shoulder worked for me, wherever you feel comfortable is fine. But if it’s not visible, the impact is less so.

B) Get something that you can picture yourself still liking in 10 years. I LOVE Ohio State, football, basketball, the school (I’m an alum), etc….. I KNOW i’ll love it in 10 years or even 30, so that’s what i got.

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I should never have gotten “Mom” on my chest. I hate my mom.

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To answer again, no. I sometimes wish I could put other tattoos where I am currently covered, but I like all of my tattoos.

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I have no regrets about my tattoos though many of them are about people and exes that I am no longer connected to, whatsoever – because of this disconnect, I don’t really care if I cover them up and probably will but I don’t hate them

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I love my tattoo but regret the quality of application by a friend who was supposed to be clean but actually wasn’t and it shows. There is a name on it I prefer not be there but at least it’s in a language few can read and I usually pass it off as the artist’s signature.

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i regret this guy for sure.
i wanted something earthy, natural and nice looking. i got a tacky biker vine thing.
what i hate most is when people continue to talk about it. i got an ugly tattoo, don’t you think i feel crappy enough without you reminding me of my sad excuse for a vine?
i think i’m going to get it covered, but i don’t want it to be that big so i might just buy some removing cream stuff.

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@generalspecific You’re making it hard to look at the tattoo in the picture.

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I wanted to get a cool butterfly on my boobs when I was younger, but I didn’t because I was afraid that when I aged and sagged it would turn into something else. I think I made the right decision!

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@filmfann there’s a tattoo in that picture?

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@filmfann & @evelyns_pet_zebra
haha, sorry it’s the only picture i have :)

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my best friend from high school and I got similar (not exact matches) anchor tattoos on our wrists. But now we no longer speak because she betrayed my trust 2 years ago. That is the only tattoo I’ll ever regret but I’m working out a design to change it a bit and make it a memorial for my grandfather who was in the navy during WW2.

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i just got a tattoo…the drwaing is beautiful but it is on my left shoulder – down my arm – like 5 inches long….gorgeous work but too much – and I’m lossing slepp over it…literally…it has been one week…..i want to embrace the tattoo but feel sooo sad, that i got in this visible place… anyone has any advice….. Gosh! I even looked online for laser removal….thanks

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They probably gave you instructions on how to care for your tattoo. Violate every one. Wash it, scrub it, get a tan.

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