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If you could build your own home with anything you want, what would it include?

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) August 14th, 2009

What would your dream house include if you could have anything in the world in it and why?

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It would be a castle with a tall turret that had little ledges and nooks and crannies with big cushions to sit and read in !!

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Everything in it would be computer controlled. The Control Terminals would have the LCARS design and could be operated via voice commands.

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I would have to have a state-of-the-art movie theater, bowling ally, a huge bar, a sweet pool, some great landscaping, an excellent computer room with it’s own server, a huge workout room, a room with billiards, table tennis, air hockey, a massive arcade with every gaming system that exists.

And of course everything will be top-notch technologically, even things that the richest people in the world don’t have yet.

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Bowling alley! I love bowling.

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A huge library with copies of every book I love and all books by my chosen authors.

I would also have a sex room.

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I would want to get a bath tub, that doesn’t make me look like a loaf of bread when I get out. Hopefully, by that time, it’s nothing to worry about. On weight loss plan right now. So the other thing that I would really want is an indoor swimming pool, in the back of the house. :) Love swimming.

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One of those conveyor belt like swimming pools or maybe an open/glass roof in my bedroom to fall asleep while watching the stars and keeping tracks of all the ufo’s.
Scratch that, I want a cleaning lady that picks up after me!

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We put a wonder bar soda machine in our kitchen sink.

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Security cameras, a slide (how else would I get down from the 2nd story?), and Angelina Jolie.

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I just want a library, a good size kitchen, and a separate sound proof movie room.

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Swimming pool for sure.

Dog sand pile for digging in the back yard.

Washer and Dryer on floor with bedrooms.

No formal living room.

Lots of windows.

Positioned to bring the outside in.

A roomba.

A doggie entry area for wiping paws.

A large deck or porch for outdoor living space.

There’s lots more, but that’s a start.

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It would be a 100% Earth friendly ranch and self sufficient. Solar panels and a windmill. I’d like heated floors and an indoor pool. Of course there would be horses on this ranch, and I’d like to have a giant corn maze and a pumpkin patch that people would visit in the fall. I’d give hay rides and sell homemade cookies. I want my own office which would include a crafting room with everything organized with Martha Stewart-Nazi precision. A theater with ALL the movies ever. My husband would have his own “man room” in which he can do whatever he’d like with his buddies when they came to visit, excluding strippers. Finally, a music room with a superb sound system to play my choice of any album ever made. It would also house one of every instrument I’ve ever played and some new ones, including a grand piano with black major keys and white minor keys.

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@sarcasm defo on the slide… like the one from the barcleys ad!

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It would look like a normal home by all appearances but would have secret passages and hidden rooms.

My favorite room would be a hide away library/ studio. It would have cameras at the secret entrances to avoid detection on leaving and speakers in a distant room so if someone called out for me and I responded it would sound like I was far away. This room would be stocked with excellent books and perfect lighting and sound.

There would be a hidden playroom for our girls set up with a treehouse inside.

Ideally it would overlook the ocean somewhere.

The master bedroom would have a retractable roof.

Also it would have one of those long dining rooms like in castles so we could have parties.

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I wish I could give you pool people mine. It was great when the kids were home. But now it’s just another monthly bill.

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@Judi I call dibs on the pool! Would you think I’m too lazy if is said I want those airport type of conveyor belts all around the house?

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i’d have a pool designed to look like the a reef (like what they do for animals in zoos) ,,in a room with a glass roof so that plants could grow round it ..secret tunnels,,a huge walled in garden so I could keep weird animals,...a tower..a miniature railway..a full workshop….essentially i want a customized Victorian zoo

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It would be built of stone and glass to overlook the ocean, have heated stone floors and very little inside other than kitchenette, bathroom huge greatroom for a bed, walls for books, a fireplace and super organized closet. Oh, it’s been decided wherever I live there will be an outdoor bathtub on a patio.

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@Judi You’re not the only one. We bought this house when my son was in the sixth grade, and now he has two children of his own, and the pool is a huge burden. It was great while the son and grandson’s were growing up, but I would like to trade it for a bigger yard.

My dream house would be made of stone, hardwood and glass, with a full view of the beach.

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I would trade mine for a hot tub outisde the bedroom door where I don’t have to go behind a spider infested fence to turn it on. Time to move to the 21st century

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@Judi We replaced our old, spidery fence around the pool equipment with some plastic panels we got at Lowe’s Home Improvement. They don’t need to be installed, you just put staked down in the ground for their posts. Our challenge is keeping the ivy from strangling everything.

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I don’t even go out tehre any more. I let the pool guy handle it.

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I’d just buy the place that stood in for Totleigh Towers on the Jeeves and Wooster series in the 90s, or the house that stood in for Pemberley in the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice. I’d have a games room, a music room, a great big library, a theater/media room and a heated indoor pool surrounded by glass walls attached to the house. I guess I’d just build another greenhouse somewhere else on the grounds. There’d already be a paddock and stables for the horses, some woods, a pond and a large garden to take a turn about in every so often.

And then I’d finally see for myself what a bloody ha-ha is. Darn that Jane, writing in the 19th century.

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really really nice staircases. oh man. built in library. wrap around porch. little secret doors everywhere. slanted ceilings. a nice basement and attic. this oh my god. i want pretty old wooden shutters. hardwood floors. a room with a fireplace and bricks and a window seat.
and for gods sake, above all i just want more closet and bathroom space.

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a room full of cushions on the floor covered in really smooth fluffy material, with beautiful soft lighting and ambient music and maybe my dream man too in a toga

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Ooh, I just found this and I’d like to add it to my house, for the record.

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@ubersiren OH WOW!!!! yes yes yes!! I want one…NOW!!!

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@ubersiren Oh my, that looks like so much fun, can I borrow your idea?

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