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Does it feel as good to say "My wife/husband..." as it does for me to say "My girlfriend..."?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) August 14th, 2009

Whenever I say somethng like “My girlfriend has that same phone.” or something, I really take pride in it and it makes me feel good inside.

Is it the same way after you get married?

Please feel free to add in some more stuff you lurve referring to your spouses about.

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Depends How good your relationship is haha.

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It’s even better.

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A condom necklace might be a better indicator that someone wants to be with you.

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Condom Necklace? o_0 you have my attention.

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@erichw1504 – agree. It feels even better!

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zomg I’ll know in 15 days 0_o

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Congradulations patg7590 :)

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@patg7590 I expect to hear from you on your hunny moon… (Take your laptop/iPhone)

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@patg7590 – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

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Sure it feels good. We’ve been married for a loooong time & it’s a loving, secure feeling to know that you belong to someone & that someone belongs to you.

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“Some one likes me! Look! someone can stand me enough to let me see them naked! hey! pay attentionnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!”

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on a similar note… :]

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It is way better. I take pride in knowing we made it to that level!

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Yes, it is actually much better (and a whole heck of a lot easier than saying my “significant other”). See ya….Gary aka wtf

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Put me in the better group. I have had both said, and there is more happiness and satisfaction in saying my husband or hearing him say my wife.

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I feel the words “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” are too juvenile and fleeting for my relationship, yet we aren’t married. so I just call him “my babe” to other people.
Calling a person your husband or wife should feel better than boyfriend or girlfriend because of the progression and accomplishment it represents.

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When I used to be married, I love saying “my wife”. It’ll be even better!

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@Facade You think “my babe” is less juvenile? hehe

I feel pretentious when I say “my husband” all the time. And I hated saying “my fiance.” I just felt it was silly to have to label my significant other, and that label meant the status of my relationship…like it’s anyone elses business.
I do call him my husband, but usually just refer to him by his first name.

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@casheroo lol yes I do :P

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Yes. And I think that is one of the main reasons LGBT people want and deserve to marry. I say my wife, though we are not legally married. It still freaks some people out; I can just tell in their faces.

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My marriage was a happy one and it was a huge source of joy and pride to acknowledge my husband as my Husband instead of my bf, SO or “friend”.

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I can only imagine saying “husband” will feel worlds better than saying “boyfriend”. Because saying “fiance” makes me downright giddy.

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The first time I said “My husband..” it felt weird to say it, but a good weird. The more I say it the more proud I am to be able to say My husband.. its a really good feeling. I feel like Im glowing everytime I say it.. and when I hear him say “My wife..” thats the best :)

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Is married :]

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I am having trouble with not calling my gonna-be ex-wife “babe” and “sweetie”.

It’s odd.

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@Bri_L….We are creatures of habit. Distance + time will help curb that habit. See ya….Gary aka wtf

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