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Do hedgehogs make good pets?

Asked by ABH (23points) December 12th, 2006
I live in a studio apartment in san francisco, and my girlfriend is allergic to cats. Does anyone have any experience with hedgehogs as pets? they are very cute.
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i've heard that the do...
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Can one cuddle with a hedgehog?
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as long as you pet them and cuddle them from head to tail, they canbe very sweet and cute
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I don't know about hedgehogs, but this may be the perfect opportunity to get a sugar glider. They're so amazingly cute, you won't be able to handle it--plus they're marsupials. Check this out:
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So hedgehogs are starting to fall under the category of "acceptable exotic pet," along with some birds, reptiles and other small mammals. Typically hedgehogs are okay living in a space about 3 feet by 3 feet, but certainly require many places to hide, adequate warmth, and a varied diet. They tend to sleep during the day, and so do not make good "cuddling" pets (unless you are nocturnal as well and don't mind sharp spines). That being said, I'd consider something else for a pet. Most people get hedgehogs because they think they are cool animals that will impress others, but most of the time the novelty wears off after a couple of months and zoos and animal sanctuaries wind up having to bear the burden of these unwanted pets. It's even worse for sugar gliders, so I would strongly recommend against that decision (sorry Cristi). Please let me know if you have any more questions, as I used to be a zookeeper and know much about these animals.
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Ahhh, Really? I stand corrected! I'm sorry to hear that about sugar gliders... I'd be interested to know why that happens, if you have a spare second.
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How about some soft, yellow plastic hedgehogs?
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I agree with brownlemur. It's just never a good idea to try to domesticate wild animals. Unless you're someone with a vast background in animal husbandry with an emphasis in non-domesticated animals, I wouldn't do it. It's not terribly safe for you or your family & it's not fair to the animal.
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Unfortunately, sugar gliders, while they make good pets if you feed them right (they require a pretty specific diet with supplements and bugs and stuff), they are illegal to keep as pets in many states, including California. Fortunately, hedgehogs, in my experience at least, make excellent pets and are totally legal. I lived with hedgehogs for two months this summer (albino ones) and had excellent experiences. They are very playful, and while I wouldnt necessarily recommend “cuddling” with them, they respond very well to attention and are eager explorers. Here are some pictures of them:

As you can see, they are extremely adorable, and while that isn’t a good enough single reason to get a pet, it sure helps.

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I owned a hedgehog for three years. II do not think they are very fun pets. Depending on how they are raised as babies, they can be very temper mental. Mine was always angry and forming a ball, making it hard to take out of a cage and enjoy. Not only do they form prickly balls but they also make hissing noises and jump in the air a bit. A bit scary for my personality. They are also nocturnal so they sleep during the day and eat/explore at night, so not a very exciting pet during the day. When I did take mine out of the cage, I would place it in a hamster ball. That was pretty cool for like 2 min because run around the room. Unfortunately, they also poop quite often so the ball gets very stinky and dirty fast.

Def. not my favorite pet. Find something else.

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Rabbits are good pets. Mine are litter-trained like cats (not hard to do) and hop around the kitchen during the day. They chew on things so they don’t get the run of the house. They don’t bark, they’re soft and furry, you can leave them alone over night if you have to, and they are much more rewarding than hedgehogs and other exotics, I think. They are NOT good pets if there are little kids around, though, since they do best in calm, quiet environments.

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ok PEOPLE the question was about a hedgehog not a rabbit or sugar glider!!! hedgehogs make great pets as long as you handle them daily. hedgehogs are nocturnal but playing with them during the day is ok as long as you keep the times a long time apart so he has time to sleep.I would suggest to play with them from any time from whenever u wake up to 10:00 in the morning and or anytime after 8:00 at night. I have a pet hedgehog and yes they curl up in balls hiss and jump when touched [he is tame now] but NOT because they are mean they are would u like to be taken away from everything u once knew and [if possibly the person u bought it from never held him just breed from him] having this giant creature reach out at you. but after being handled after 2 months [maybe longer depends on the hedgie and the time u play with him] it will love u and will only curl up if it heres a sudden nose that is VERY loud. the people here that say they are bad pets probbaly HARDLY EVER played with it or the hedgehog was abused before bought or even dont even have one they just say crap cause they have no lives. if u want 1 u must play with it at least 15 minutes a day but u should play with it 30 if u want it to tame faster[a hint to tame faster is to give treats like chicken not spiced to him when taken out].u can buy hedgehog food at petco and it says hedgehog food on it but a high quality cat food is just as good maybe better. if a hedgie curls in a ball he is scared but if a hedgie stays curled in a ball and hardly ever comes out its rare but means u have an aggressive hedgie they might take half a year to tame.all u need for bedding is aspen or pine shaving but pine shaving must be treated or even newspaper they dont mind as long as they have somewhere to sleep. thats pretty much it if u want a hedgie and sorry for writing a mile long thing. oh 1 more thing pleaz people if u want to talk about another animal find a question about that animal and stop cutting down hedgies if u dont have 1 or if u dont even take care of yours ok thanx

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I knew someone who had a hedgehog. Apparently their tummy area is soft and nice to hold. They are cuddly and friendly. They wouldn’t be on my top ten list for pets but I can certainly see the charm.

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arent they related to porcupines ????????

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dunno, it’s a prickly question!!!!!!!!

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I would get one but stay as far away from it as possible! They’re so adorable though.How could one play with it though?

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As others have said, hedgehogs are nocturnal and therefore don’t make satisfying pets for many people.

Their spines (or whatever they’re called) can cause a slight rash but they won’t hurt you—they aren’t like porcupines. (The rash is from bacteria on the spines entering tiny holes made in your skin.)

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Hedgehogs make great pets and all sweet (if raised right) the spines dont hurt. also you want to get them at 6 weeks of age and never get two and kepp them in the same cage also do not ware gloves when holding a hedgehog it scares them and when holding make sure threre is nosie pr there get scared easier. also love them

hope i helped.

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I live in SF area and can not find hedgehog babies for sale. Where can i find one?

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@caitlin18 Have you tried petfinder?

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