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When are the official high school holidays in California 2010?

Asked by meemorize (324points) August 14th, 2009 from iPhone

I’m planning a trip to California next year (2010) and am trying to find out when the official school holidays are in California.
Googling has been unsuccessful so far.

Thanks in advance.

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Why? It almost sounds like you’re trying to stalk a high schooler. Which is ill-advised.

Plan on the standard federal holidays, plus a few comp days each term.

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It depends on the district but if you come to California, of course you will come to San Francisco

From 2009–2010 Calendar

First day of school 9/24

Sept 7-Labor Day

Oct 11-Columbus/Indigenous People Holiday

Nov 11-Veterans Day
Nov 25/27-Thanksgiving Recess

Dec-21/31 Winter Break

Jan 1-New Year Day
Jan 18-MLK, Jr Day
Jan 29-Teacher PD

Feb 15-Presidents’ Day/Lunar New Year

Mar 29/Apr 2-Spring Break/Cesar Chavez Day

May 31-Memorial Day

June 4-Last Day of School

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Each school district has a different contract with their teachers. You have to contact the district you will be visiting. There is no single calendar for the entire state. Even the colleges have different dates.

The State mandates the number of school hours a student must attend, but not which ones.

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@galileogirl- Columbus Day is not a holiday in any of the public school districts in the Sacramento area.

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As I pointed out this is only San Francisco. I don’t think Sacramento has Lunar New Year as a school holiday either. As for Oct 11, it is a people’s choice whether you celebrate Columbus’ arrival or the people who were there to meet him.

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Go to the website of the school district serving the area you plan to visit and look at the academic calendar.

What makes you think that, @Mamradpivo? That sounds like a pretty big leap to me.

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