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What does R.E.M., (as in the band), stand for?

Asked by steefee (21points) January 14th, 2008
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rapid eye movement.

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yep it is the same acronym as in the medical terminology

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Not necessarily – lead singer Michael Stipe chose the name at random out of a dictionary.

R.E.M. the acronym means Rapid Eye Movement, yes, but as far as R.E.M. the band is concered, it doesn’t stand for anything. (Just like, for example, AC/DC who found their name off the back of a sewing machine. The acronym AC/DC itself stands for “alternating current/direct current”, but as far as AC/DC the band is concered, it doesn’t stand for anything.)

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What about REO Speedwagon? Did their house get foreclosed on?

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@poser its actually Ransom Eli Olds which was a truck manufacture for a speed wagon model.

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Good to know.

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Fun stuff! Thanks folks!

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It was a random choice by Michael Stipe; but in the dictionary from which he chose, “R.E.M.” does stand for “rapid eye movement.”

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