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How do you get VLC media player to shuffle songs?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11300points) August 14th, 2009

This is probably easy but I can’t seem to figure it out. My brain is only working part time today and this is getting on my nerves.. I just want to shuffle the songs! LOL

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Click the squiggly line button at the bottom of the playlist.
See here on a Mac. Probably very similar for Windows.

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@lefteh My vlc media player looks nothing like that? hmmm weird mine is version 1.0.0 for pc

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View—> Playlist

In that Window pick the squiggly line in the lower left.

edit :: pic

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Mines 1.0.0 too…I figured the Mac and PC versions wouldn’t be too different. Looks like johnpowell has the solution.

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@johnpowell DOH! I guess that’s it.. let me see.. yup.. that’s how easy it was… croikey… now I feel dumb.

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VLC keeps making certain webpages crash for me , pages that contain some videos like when i click on This . Is there a way to stop that from happening , or maybe to stop VLC from tryig to load these videos . ?

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@sandystrachan :: The video on that page is a Windows Media file.

My best guess is to uninstall VLC. And then reinstall it. Somewhere during the installation I think it asks you if you want to install the browser plug-in. Select no.

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This is NOT shuffle. Shuffle isn’t available in VLCPlayer. What do I mean?

Winamp has Shuffle AND random play. Random play takes the playlist, leaves it in the same order, and then picks out songs at random and plays them.

Shuffle takes the playlist and shuffles it, permanently changing the order. Every time you play that playlist it will play in the shuffled order that shuffle puts it in.

I prefer shuffle because:

I shuffle a playlist of several bands. I then go through it and any songs by the same band and/or on the same album next to each other I move apart putting a different track between them. It takes a while but it’s worth the effort if you’re putting together a playlist for a party.

It’s a fine distinction but VLC needs a proper shuffle. Until I find a plugin I might have to look into whether Winamp supports FLAC at all and if so, switch back to that.

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