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What do you do when your neighbor turns on you?

Asked by erincollins (413points) August 14th, 2009

I live in a small quiet town. I moved to a new house 3 months ago. 3 weeks ago my neighbor decided to adopt a stray aggressive dog. the only problem is that they don’t put in the time to take care of and rehabilitate this dog and it gets loose. It bit me (didn’t break skin) about 2 weeks ago, I went to the owners and let them in on my concerns for the dog. When I informed them that it bit me the husband said “oh he’s just playing”. Next time the dog got out he attacked people walking on our road!!! So I called animal control, they came and gave the family a warning.
Today the lady came over and gave me a piece of her mind she yelled and swore at me like there was no tomorrow! She attacked me and said things to me that without an apology I just can’t forgive.
If she doesn’t apologize, how do i handle this? i see this crazy lady every day? What do I do?

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Pray she’s a renter and moves soon

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After calling animal control, talking to the neighbors, and being bit I would shoot the dog. I love dogs but I will put one down if it fucks with me or my family and the authorities don’t help. As for the lady just ignore her.

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@Judi I just found out that they bought the house 3 years ago and love it… great! haha just my luck!

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You tried to do them a favor. An untrained dog that bites and is loose is a lawsuit waiting to happen not to mention a threat to public safety.

Unfortunately they do not see it that way and they think of you as the unwelcome whistle blower.

Exactly what are you hoping for? Are you hoping to make peace? Be friends? Were you friends before?

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@Dog I am all for helping out dogs that need it, I just want them to take some responsibility for him! I don’t want them to have the dog taken away, I just want this dog to have the best care possible ( and now that crazy lady to apologize !). I don;t care that the dog is roaming the neighborhood, I care that it’s aggressive! I just want them to take responsibility.

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they just don’t care if he gets out and refuse to believe that he;s aggressive.

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From this point on, I’d be civil and no more. You did what you had to do to protect yourself and others. If she reacts like this to something that she could get in real trouble for and refuses to accept things, then she has more problems than a non-professional can handle. Leave her be.

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Irresponsible pet owners need to be accountable for their negligence.

Bottom line is, if you feel the dog is a threat to the general public, you should at least consider notifying an authority.

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If you know where they adopted the dog from, and it’s a pet organization, call them and tell them the animal is running loose. Usually you have to sign an agreement you rescue a pet, agreeing certain conditions.

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I do get that you care about the dog. You did the right thing. It is a shame they are blaming you rather than taking responsibility.

Unfortunately they are what they are. You started a paper trail by contacting animal control. When another unfortunate event happens there will be record of the irresponsibility of the owners to control the dog and animal control will take action.

Regarding the relationship with them I cannot see how it can be repaired. Time might make it more tolerable. The ball is in their court- they were in the wrong both in not respecting your first warning and confronting and insulting you later. I would not hold my breath waiting for an apology but they may come to their senses someday.

As suggested above I would be civil but step back from the situation. You did your part.

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Ignore her—but talk to her husband. Be civil and kind to him. Don’t talk to her. She’ll feel bad and might apologize.

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damn i first read “turns you on”.
oh well

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next time the beast goes on a rampage, call the cops.

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To play devil’s advocate for a minute, she probably thinks you turned on her and called animal control when it was none of your business, since the dog attacked someone other than you or your family the second time. Crazy neighbors can be like that.

I think you did the right thing, both for her, the other neighbors, and the dog. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg with this woman, so I would try to avoid her as much as possible, and be polite when you can’t ignore her.

I think speaking to her husband and not her will only open yourself up to more grief from this woman. She may acuse you of trying to start something with him. I seriously doubt you will get an apology from her any time soon, if ever.

Good luck. Let us know how things turn out.

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I would enlist the help of other neighbors who agree with you about the dog’s behavior (and more importantly, the woman’s). That way, you are not letting yourself be singled out. Check with local governent and see what the regs are.

You and your neighbors have every right to protect yourselves from an untrained dog. The dog has every right to be trained properly.

Apology from the woman is unlikely and really irrelevant.

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well if you live in a state like texas and the dog gets out again i would just shoot it. and if its worth shooting once its worth shooting twice just to make sure.

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How to not be fake while still hating her (or whatever), and how to be civil to someone who is so arrogantly blinded, but you have to see every day….
The problem here was when they didn’t take the dog’s nipping seriously. Instead of being concerned and apologizing, they instead justified the dog’s behavior. This lack of concern for your safety caused you to react or overreact when you saw the dog attacking people. I don’t think you overreacted. Whatever, they started this with their lack of concern. Now, just be nice but not fake. Don’t small talk, that’d be fake. Don’t pretend you like them, that’d be fake. But do make a point of eventually showing them you mean no harm. Never engage in a titfortat if that kind of thing starts, but i think you probably already knew that. Let this evil woman drown in her arrogant stupidity. Let the part of you that wants peace to forgive her. Let the part of you that loathes this woman, to relish in her self-made hell, and even let her see that in your eyes. Don’t initiate conversation, but don’t reject it if she starts. But then end it asap. She’s poison, and both of them are all about themselves.

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