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Do Hillary's tears make her seem weak or human- in other words- have they hurt or helped her?

Asked by steefee (21points) January 14th, 2008
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Common wisdom is that they helped her in New Hampshire, especially amongst women voters.

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with women it may help, but with men it surely won’t

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It did seem to help her in the short term, but it’s not a ploy that I think will work repeatedly without raising questions in peoples’ minds about whether she’s “strong” enough to be president. And—call me cynical—but I do think it was a ploy.

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I’m one of the few people not calling it a ploy. I think she cried because she realised she might be out of it soon. I think she’s human. I thought so before that incident and after it. Imho, it doesn’t change a thing. Women are more likely to cry in general. I don’t think it shows a weakness, sometimes you just start crying, even if you’re strong enough to get through whatever you’re crying about. I hate people who keep using the gender card in all of this. I mean yes she is a woman, but she’s also a politician. Vote for the issues, not whether a candidate is black or white, male or female, baptist or mormon. Because those things do not matter. It’s the issues.

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I’d like to see some evidence that she’s human.

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I seriously doubt she is human. That was an oil leak from her robotic brain through her mechanical eyes.

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