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Do mosquitos and other bloodsucking parasites get drunk from blood from a drunk person?

Asked by buster (10220points) August 14th, 2009

Does drugs or alcohol in blood affect parasitc bloodsuckers?

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My guess is yes but the alcohol might change the smell and taste of the blood so they might just leave your drunk ass alone.

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I have absolutely no idea but if I was to take a stab at it I might say Yes. I hope somebody has the answer to your question.

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The percentage of alcohol in your blood would have to be high enough to kill you to affect mosquitoes, but a reasonably drunken person probably has enough alcohol in their blood to disrupt mosquito eggs, since they are very sensitive and susceptible to contact with alcohol.

I know when I am pretty drunk, I can no longer feel the little bitches biting me. As for fleas, I am allergic to those little shits, so I try to avoid them at all costs, drunk or sober.

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Such language1 You offend me. sir.

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@AstroChuck so sorry little man, I forgot you are only six years old. Quick, go back in the house while the adult people talk about mature things.

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Here is a cartoon about drunk flies.

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I’ve heard that if you don’t want mosquitos or other bloodsucking pests to bite you eat a quantity of brewers yeast. How much? Don’t know, sorry.

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I know they don’t like beer. That’s why brewers yeast keeps them away.

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I don’t need OFF or deet I need PBR when I go camping.

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Funny you should mention this becuase it was in Popular science.

Short answer no

Long answer no becuase it takes much more alcohol to get a fly, mosquito or any other insect drunk than it does for a human.

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My ex is a beer-a-holic, and they love him! We used to sit on our front porch in florida in the evenings and he would be bitten every few seconds. i wasn’t bitten at all. he asked me once while they were biting him but not me. I told him that the first one to bite him sent out the signal that the bar is open!

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Yes, they can.

Here is your answer.


“Shockingly, no major studies have been conducted on this topic. “The implications are, however, profound,” says Michael Raupp, an entomologist at the University of Maryland. “Reckless flying, passing out in frosty beer mugs, hitting on crane flies instead of mosquito babes. Frightening!” Fortunately, enough related research exists to make an educated guess.

First, does alcohol affect a mosquito’s simple nervous system the way it does creatures with complex brains, such as dogs or Mickey Rourke? In labs, honeybees fly upside-down after alcohol exposure, and inebriated fruit flies have trouble staying upright and fare poorly on learning tests. This suggests that mosquitoes can get tipsy.”

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What about the story that fruit flies become gay after they had alcohol? Or is that some old wives tale? If it affects a fruit fly surely it must affect a mosquito.

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Cedar waxwings eat small fruit that has fermented (crab apples, for example) . In early fall you can see the birds wobbling around and occasionally falling off a branch. They travel in groups of 5 or 6, so it is similar to watching drunken sailors on dry land

I just learned this:

“When the end of a twig holds a supply of berries that only one bird at a time can reach, members of a flock may line up along the twig and pass berries beak to beak down the line so that each bird gets a chance to eat.” source.

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Mosquitos don’t metabolize alcohol so the don’t get drunk. However they are attracted by substances that are exhaled or exit through the skin, including alcohol and lactic acids that are a byproduct of carbohydrates.

I wouldn;t worry about drunken mosquitos, I would worry about becoming a mosquito buffet.

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