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What do you think is the Best soap to wash your car with?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) August 15th, 2009 from iPhone

My husband bought me a beautiful Mustang. It is an incredible Red color. Anyway, I want to use a good car soap that won’t dull my cars beauiful finish. Any suggestion about a car wax as well?

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i don’t know, but you must make sure that all the water you use goes into the sewer and not into the ground.

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Sounds like you have a very thoughtful, kind and loving husband. See ya…..Gary aka wtf

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Actually, wax is a abrasive, like toothpaste. It takes off a really small amount of paint. That is why wax gives it a “fresh” look. It takes of a minute amount of paint.

For soap.. I would use whatever is in the kitchen for the dishes. A proper waxing is a lot more important.

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I would use Palmolive soap for your car. If it’s good enough for Madge the Manicurist to soak people’s fingers in, it’s good enough for cleansing your vehicle. The only kind of wax I’m familiar with is Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax. It’s the best for your stick but I don’t know about for your car.

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I don’t know the best soap, but you sure have one hot car! And a really great husband for buying it for you. I had a black car with a great finish and around year 3 took it to a car wash and had them go ahead and put the wax treatment on it. It ruined the finish by making it look dull and you could see the swirls in it. My brother did the same thing with his burgandy colored car, so we both believe it is the wax at car washes. So I don’t recommend that.

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I use Mothers Car Wash. It is great. Also, if the car is new there is no need to wax right away. You can wait 6 months or so. After that, you can keep the cars paint in great shape by waxing twice a year. I use Mothers Carnauba Cleaner Wax. Wax is put on to protect the paint. I think what people are saying about wax being abrasive in incorrect. Polish is abrasive and will take a small amount of paint off. Wax is supposed to put a layer on top of paint to protect it. Some people use a clay bar to wash their cars. Be careful if you use one of those. I think you can hurt the paint with one if you don’t know what you are doing.

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@ragingloli, Not to worry.
@wtf, ALL that and more!
@JP, dish soap it is!
@Blueefreedom, I’ve never heard of Mr. Zog’s, but, I have heard of Liquid Silk =)
@chyna, I have to agree with you there, it is SOOOO awesome!! Besides Gary, and our family, it’s the second best gift I have ever received! Gosh, I’m ever so blessed!
@missingbite, now I really confused… Conflicting theories.
I do know that I’ve used Mothers polish that’s in the 3” circular can for cleaning/polishing Chrome wheels.

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Has anybody heard of or used Turtlewax’s Ice shine car polish, you spray it on and just wipe it off. It also comes in a wax form, but the spray you use in between waxes?

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Just make sure you use something biodegradable so when it runs off down your driveway and into the nearest watershed it doesn’t hurt the little fishies and green growing things!

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@sccrowell Polish on chrome wheels or aluminum wheels would be different because there is no paint to take off. Polish on the paint will take off a small amount of paint to bring back the finish. After polish on the paint I would put a layer of wax to protect the paint that you exposed with the polish. Clear as mud?

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