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If something has been frozen and has freezer burn, will it taste normal when it's defrosted?

Asked by jca (35966points) August 15th, 2009

i found some bagels in the freezer. they’ve been in there about six months. they have freezer burn. i am wondering if i should discard them or if they will taste ok when defrosted.

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They will, most likely have an odd taste. I would discard them.

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It dries out. Depending on the type of food or your ability to moisten it up that might not be too big of a problem.

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Generally, they would taste freezer-burnt. Sometimes you can hide that if you pile on enough other ingredients (like a little bit of freezer-burnt meat in a big stew), but with a bagel? Probably ick.

If you’re hungry enough, though, they’ll taste just fine.

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No it will not taste the same. Freezer burn is really the moisture from the item transferring from the inside to the outside of the item, where it becomes ice. This moisture does not get reabsorbed when thawed, thus the item will taste dry and have an strange taste. Bagels will taste strange. Thaw them and see, but they’re probably not really tasty anymore.

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I agree with all of the above posts. It won’t be the same. Toss it.

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In these economic times, I would do the following:

Take a piece of foil. Sprinkle a few drops (not too much) water over the bagels in the foil. Heat them through in a 350 degree oven for about 20 min.

This will freshen them up. You could then toast as normal if you want or just eat.

Freezer burnt bagels just taste a little old, if anything.

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@Marina It could end up costing more putting the bagles in the oven because of the inital electric or gas cost to heat up th oven and then the cost to cool your house back down since it’s summer. It might be cheaper to just go buy a new batch.

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I would pitch them. Freezer burn tastes awful especially on bread type items. With meat, you might be able to mask the taste with ketchup or A-1 sauce.

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I found a couple of freezer burned roasts at the bottom of my chest freezer recently – one was dated 2004, the other 2005 (hangs head in embarassment). I know from previous experience that the parched looking part of the meat does taste quite “off”, but frugal person that I am, I hated to just toss the whole thing. So I thawed enough that I was able to use a small sharp knife to shave/slice off every bit of whitened surface on the roasts along with a bit of underlying normal looking meat. I ended up discarded about a third of each roast. Then I marinated the remains of the beef in teriyaki and the pork in a blackberry/vinegar/garlic combo for a day or two before grilling. The results were quite edible – nothing odd about the flavor. This should also work for chicken breasts or a chunk of hamburger, but probably wouldn’t be worth it with chops or steak – there’d be very little left.

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just looked in freezer and found some steak that has burn on it also. i buy these things on sale and then freeze and forget. i took out the bagels to chuck them, won’t take the meat out till garbage pickup day, as it will rot if i throw it out now.

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Just pour a little tussin on it and it’ll be fine.

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Do a cost benefit analysis. Is $1.29 savings worth the time and possible failure to make them edible? If you just can’t bring yourself to throw food away, repurpose them. Spend a Sunday afternoon in the park feeding the ducks or wait until the apprpriate time and turn them into bird feeders by rubbing them with bacon fat or peanut butter and sprinkling with seeds.

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i said in my recent answer i was going to chuck them – it does not seem too appetizing.

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What about making beef stew for the dog rather than tossing it?

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I can always find a good use for food. Some of it goes to the dog or cat. In the case of bread products, I would thaw it, toast it, and use the crumbs in meat loaf.

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What is wrong with freezer burn , big deal….
I’ve had frozen meat and other foods in my freezer for the past 30 years, and it never prevented me from eating it, meat after cooking…
there is no difference….
what is it these days with all these commercials on TV showing people throwing out
freezer burnt meat… there’s nothing wrong with them…..

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@dmcool – it doesn’t really affect the nutritional value, but some people do not appreciate the taste.

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