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Should I buy a microwave with a sensor?

Asked by heyu1021 (262points) August 16th, 2009

I want a reliable and long lasting microwave, but every review I’ve read on microwaves that include sensors to automatically detect when food is done don’t seem to last very long, 2 years at the most. Is it best to just give up the sensor in the name of reliability? Perhaps the constant cycling of the magnetron causes a premature failure.

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Even without a sensor a microwave will cook food , as long as you enter the correct times . I say get a normal micro non sensor type instead, even that kind of technology—the sensor—can and will fail at some point .

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I’ve never had one with a sensor, can’t imagine why you’d need it. How does a sensor determine your preferences? My microwave is in fine shape after 7 years of continuous use. No reason to change it.

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I’ve never had one with a sensor like that. I also seem to have good luck with microwaves, anyone I’ve used has worked great for many years.

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I had one with a sensor. Never used it.
Go with a regular microwave,

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Microwaves with a sensor just costs extra money for nothing. How often do you actually cook in a microwave? I never use one to cook in, I just use it to heat up food or water and usually that is one minute or less.

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I have a microwave with a sensor. I tried the sensor settings when we first got it, but now I just set the cooking time. It seems easier to just enter 3 minutes, or whatever. I don’t cook a very wide variety of stuff in the microwave, just tea water and veggs, so the sensor is really unnecessary.

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When we had a microwave with a sensor, we hardly ever used it, and I cook just about everything we eat in my microwave.

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