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Can a 20 year old waitress serve alcohol in restaurant?

Asked by Patricia1111111 (2points) August 16th, 2009

Hi, I just came to New York from Europe. I’m curious if I can work here as a waitress in restaurant and serve for e.x wine ? Thanks

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Hey Patricia, welcome to Fluther! In most states, you can serve alcohol as long as you are 18. New York is one of those states. Here is a great map showing the minimum ages to serve alcohol by state.

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Hey Patricia. I don’t know if the map lefteh gave you is correct. I live in Florida and you must be at least 21 to serve alcohol in any restaurant. Case and point, when I was 19 I worked at Applebee’s and was unable to serve alcohol. That was only last year. I also worked at Bennigans at the beginning of this year and was not able to serve alcohol at 20. I’m still 20, but working at an Advertising Agency now, so I guess alcohol doesn’t matter anymore! :) LoL

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@jho1188: Here is the Florida law stating that 18 year olds can serve alcoholic beverages. This law can also be found in this FAQ from the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. My guess is that you were unable to serve alcohol due to private company policy.

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@lefteh – Are you sure? The Applebee’s I worked at was independently owned so I guess that would have been their choice, but the Bennigan’s was a corporate store and should have followed FCABT.. ????

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When I waitressed in Illinois, I was allowed to bring drinks to the table at 18, but I couldn’t pour or open containers. I’m not sure avout New York, though.

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That’s it @zephyr826! I wasn’t allowed to pour or open the containers, but I was allowed to bring it to them! I’m 20 and feel like I’m losing my mind, LOL!

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In New York, I believe you need to be 21 to server alcohol.

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Different states often have very different laws about who can legally serve alcohol; the age at which it can be consumed; whether of not persons under age 21 can legally drink it in religious services, at home with their parents, if prescribed by a physician, etc. It can get quite confusing. The alcohol laws of states, and sometimes of municipalities, can be found here:

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