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What are your favourite jean brands?

Asked by supersweet (14points) August 16th, 2009

question says it

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Well, I’m a guy and I’ve got considerable build from neck to my waist, I’ve got a nice, full ass, and long legs—it’s all about dressing YOU. What do YOU look best in. I have to say Abercrombie & Fitch as well as Juicy Couture (both designers have AMAZING jeans for men & women)

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Sisley, Diesel.

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Lee and Levi

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Anchor Blue and Levi

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levi AND Amercan Eagle. :)

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I tend to like any brands that actually carry more than one inseam length. I’m tall and finding jeans that are long enough for me tends to be a problem. Anchor Blue has long inseams, as well as places like Express and Aeropostle.

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@DrasticDreamer I like Aeropostle jeans but sometimes I have real trouble getting them to stay situated on my hips.

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American Eagle’s good, but their jeans fall apart quickly. :(

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I like Levis myself. They’re bound to have something that will fit you.

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@jho1188 mine don’t
My bullheads do tend to rip quickly.

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@cyndihugs I find that the jeans themselves hold together really well, but I’m always tearing off belt loops. Although that probably has to do with how I pull them up.

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I like Levi Signature, which are found at Walmart and have a completely different fit from the more pricey Levi’s.

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@supersweet I have like ten jeans like that….lol. My bullheads last about 9 months…..and I last like 2 years with other jeans (levi’s).
I do, however, like how the bullheads look on me.

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american eagle! and mine certainly don’t fall apart easily.. I have a pair that I’ve worn since my freshman year of high school (I am now 23).. and they are still in great shape!

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Banana Republic (on sale)

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