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What is this small, white object buried in my yard?

Asked by lefteh (9409points) August 16th, 2009

My family and I recently discovered a small, white square that is buried in my front yard. We think it’s new — none of us have ever seen it before. It appears to go several inches into the ground. There is a small, raised circle in the middle of it and a marking that reads 6”. Here is a picture:
So uh…what the hell is in my yard?

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It could be a marker for underground utility piping. I suggest you check with your utilities. See ya….Gary aka wtf

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It’s not a bomb…
There. I narrowed it down for you.

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Looks like proof that this planet was once occupied by gigantic lego minifigs. you’ve discovered one of their favorite places to stop and stand, one leg semi-dangled in the air.

Their culture flourish until the huge dogs who like to small minifigs came, during the late Cleanupyourmessasoic ear.

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That’s where the alien’s beacon is. They will land there soon.

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@eponymoushipster Cleanupyourmessasoic era?
legos rotflol4rl. :)

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My first idea was a septic-tank.
Check this out link

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@rebbel isn’t that to hold water?

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It’s to hold pee and poo, when your house isn’t connected to a sewer-system.
People come to collect the stuff every once in a while (as far as i know…., we were connected since i made baby-poo).

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it’s a bomb!

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The CIA often uses these to monitor Fluther users who have achieved a certain level of lurve.

@WhattheFluther has it, I am sure.

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@cyndihugs Make up your mind!!!

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It may be a survey monument for when the house lots were originally laid out. it also could be marking a right-of-way or easement. If you have a plat of survey for your house when it was purchased, it may show this monument.

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@Fred931 if it’s a thing that carries shit….it would be considered a bomb.

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It looks like the clean-out for your sewer line. If the line got clogged, a plumber would open it to get access to the pipe. 6” could be the size of the pipe.

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@PerryDolia has the correct answer. I have 3 in my yard. The dumbass plumber got carried away in my case. One would have sufficed

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My father says it’s a footing, to hold up a deck or something.

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@casheroo No, it’s absolutely a clean out for the sewer. I had major sewer problems the year before last and the plumber tore up most of my yard looking for the line. Then he didn’t put my yard back the way it was, I had a huge sink hole… but I do have 3 of those caps that look exactly like @lefteh showed.

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In my yard, that would be a tombstone marker from a potter’s field, and the (6”) marking would be the deceased person’s height. =)


If your town has Sewage its a sewage line for the town. You can get a tax deductible for that I have one too. If your town has NO SEWER then its a vent hole for aseptic tank and you should get 6 inch PVC Pipe and a Septic Filter Cover from Home Depot because this can involve poo going into your house. IT ALSO CAN BACKUP INTO YOUR WASHER EXPOSE THE THING AND DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS NEAR THERE OR ANYWHERE IN YOUR FRONT YARD THEY CAN FALL INTO THE CESSPOOL. IF YOU HAVE A MOUND IN YOUR FRONT YARD ITS A BRICK CESSPOOL AND YOU CAN FALL IN

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