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Why does my electric kettle turn itself off before the water is boiled?

Asked by jeanmay (3429points) August 16th, 2009

It works some days, but not others. When it doesn’t work I have to stand there and hold down the button. Why is this? Can I fix it, or just get a new one?

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if it works via heat sensor, then maybe the sensor is broken.
if it works via a fixed time, then maybe it does not heat fast enough.
if it has some sort of bimetal timer, then it might be maladjusted.

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If it works some of the time, the device that senses (as @ragingloli described) and shuts it off is faulty. I doubt that could be economically repaired so you should probably replace it. Since it’s faulty, it might not shut down at all one time, and if you’re not nearby to attend to it, that could be a problem. Better to play it safe. See ya….Gary aka wtf

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Argh, it’s so annoying! I didn’t buy it so long ago but I do not have the receipt.

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The one question I have is if you are overfilling the pot? If you are exceeding the fill line some of the time, you may be getting part of the water hot enough, but not other parts.

Just a thought =)

We bought this one for my office: it’s a little hard to clean, but works great otherwise!

My favorite is this one: but I’ve never used it.

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