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If you could pick anyone - dead or alive, famous or otherwise - to get "intoxicated" with, who would you choose?

Asked by derekpaperscissors (626points) August 17th, 2009

Intoxicated depends on your understanding.
Also what would you guys do or talk about.
And why’d you choose him/her.

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There are a lot of people I would like to talk with sober to hear their ideas and take on life’s complications.

If I or they were drunk, it would be a total waste.

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Hm. I want to go 2 ways on this; my first choice would be Albert Einstein because I think he’d be a BLAST to get drunk with. The other part of my mind says Britney Spears because she’s gonna be my future ex-wife someday! :) LoL!

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@jho1188 My sympathies.

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Dimebag Darrell R.I.P
Going out on the lash with him would have been fucking incredible, a whole weekend of complete madness!!


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I would smoke with Darwin then hike somewhere, and drink with Nostradamus and try to get the real truth out of him.

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Gotta go with Jesus. Unlimited wine, ya know.

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Stephen Hawking. I bet he sounds funny after a few.

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Would love to sit across the table with a bottle of Johnny Walker and my dad again. He’d always tell the same stories about his service in WWII, and no matter how many times I heard them, I wanted to hear them again.

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Hunter S Thompson and Dave Mustaine
‘Nuff said

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Sigmund Freud on cocaine.

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John Lennon and Tom Baker. Gawd, that would be hilarious. Tom’s halfway into the ether as it is and then Lennon would just mess with his head until he realized that Tom was cool and then it would get philosophical, but funny. I’ve seen Michael Palin drunk on one of his travel shows. Eeesh. Pass.

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No doubts about it- Tom Waits

Imagine getting drunk with this guy.

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winston churchill and his cat

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Humphrey Bogart at some gin joint

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Mickey Rourke seems like he’d know where all the good drunk places are, but I feel like he’d get voilent. I’m going to have to go with Benico Del Toro. I feel like our night would be filled with drinking and lovely stories about the good ol’ days :]

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@photographcrash I’d rather get high with Snoop Dogg hahah :]

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Mrs. Dolia
or Tera Patrick, in a pinch

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A night on the town with Marylin Monroe and I could die a happy man.

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Billy Bob Thorton

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Jim Morrison

Ernest Hemingway

Vincent Van Gogh

Hunter S. Thompson

Richard Wagner

Miles Davis

Robert Johnson

Winston Churchill

W. C. Fields

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities One of my favorite quotes of all time was, “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.”

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another one I just thought of, Mic Jagger (60s/70s Jagger of course) that guy knew how to party.

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Emily Dickinson – I’d like to find out her secrets; who her “Master” really was and if she was bi-sexual.

If she wasn’t available for “a night on the town” but keeping the New England theme, I’d like to get drunk with Louisa May Alcott and find out her true feelings for Marmee and her sisters.

In another pub, I’d like to tie one on with Will Shakespeare and finally find out if he, indeed, authored his own plays. (Evne if he didn’t reveal that, I think he’d be a helluva guy to have a beer with!)

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ok one more, a more serious candidate… John Nash, sitting down and have a couple glasses of scotch with him and just picking his brain has to be fascinating

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My Grandpa at about age 40.

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@hungryhungryhortence that’s interesting that you mentioned a family member before anyone else, and I hadn’t really thought about it until now.

I think I’d like to have a couple drinks with my father when he was in his 20s or 30s, he died when I was young so I never got a chance to really get to know him, but everyone I’ve ever met that knew him well said he was a great man by all accounts.


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@ABoyNamedBoobs03: Thank you. My grandpa was my acting father and this was the age he became my father, I know it wasn’t easy but it changed his life and he gave me an incredible one. To somehow get a glimpse of your own father, that would be something.

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Charles Bukowski, that’s an easy one, ooh or Rasputin, mescaline with old Raspy, wow, that would be a kick

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Virgina Woolf, Nietzsche, Gahndi, Hawking, Socrates.

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Bill Hicks would be high on my list for a good chat.
Consumable substances would be appropriate to the occasion.

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@lloydbird Bill Hicks was great, “the door is a jar” joke still kills me

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Magoichi Suzuki (also known as Magoichi Saika)

Just in case, he led a resistance against an invader called Oda Nabunaga and one a pretty handy Gun Swordsman… not only that.. He was pretty slick with the ladies ;D a little drunk night might get us both lucky… I get his gun sword he gets a random girl possibly drunk too.

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@Marina, your sympathy is neither desired nor required.

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Yeah, I’d pick Kurt Cobain

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Charles Bukowski would be fun.

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Ohhh sooo many. On the top of the list would be Hunter S Thompson and Terence McKenna.

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Carrie Nation-I gave up intoxication for real life years ago and she was likeminded.

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Myself, I would be all, here have another shot you big creep. So, come here often…

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@bumwithablackberry Lol That has got to be the best answer so far. Lol.
Giving a GA just for making me laugh.

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Thomas Jefferson. Try to get him to give me the birds eye low down on what really was going thru everyones mind when they took on England, and created this country.

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Bill Cosby could be really fun and funny. We would drink at a bar where he could start giving people advice.

Jon Stewart would be another good one. For the comic relief.

Or any world famous chef, only there aren’t any drinks.

And on that note Pink Floyd or Mozart or another amazing musician or group to smoke with.

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@tramnineteen “Sckizim Skazam, i’ll have an apple martini. with a cherry on top!”

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@bumwithablackberry I totally forgot about Bukowski… I would love to drink with him. He’d probably start a fight, though…

Seriously, he’s my favorite writer. Brilliant and sad figure.

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George R.R. Martin is fun to drink with.

Right about now, I wouldn’t mind getting drunk and maudlin with Poe.

Some other people who popped quickly to mind: Oscar Wilde, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, David Thewlis, blondsjon, Bryan Batt, Chris March, Steve Eley, Ian McKellen, Truman Capote, Jo Rowling, Meryl Streep, Paris Hilton, Marjane Satrapi…

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As much as I hate the bastard I’d love to get shitfaced with Dubya. And I’d make sure I had plenty of pretzels around the snack table.

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@AstroChuck Only if he is how he was portrayed in Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay [If you’ve seen it…]

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@MacBean yeh totally Oscar Wilde and Stephen fry….i could bask in their witty remarks

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Jim Morrison
Coz he was a babe :) and if he got drunk enough he may consider me :)

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@sakura When Jim Morrison got drunk enough, he would consider Susan Boyle.

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@MacBean – I’ve met Marjane Satrapi. Make sure you can also get good cheeseburgers. Apparently, she loves them. She went on and on about Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry when I told her I’d gone to UW-Madison for uni.

Stephen Fry. Wow, I’d have beers with him, too. You know what, I’d also have beers with Brian Blessed.

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I’d like to slam back a bit of Southern Comfort with Janis Joplin, some Jack Daniels with Keith Moon, toke one with Jimi Hendrix, and no alcohol or drugs would be necessary with Jim Morrison.
I’d like to drop a hit of some really nice clinical LSD with Timothy Leary, too. All of them were of my generation and deeply involved in the forming of my young adult personality.

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I think back when my mom and dad were in their twenties and were tokin up all the time, they probably would have been pretty fun to be around high.

Celebrity wise I wouldn’t mind hanging out with Jim Morrison (droolllllll) or Peewee Herman.

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Bill Clinton. I’d love to hear him explain the meaning of “is” while intoxicated.

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Kurt cobain, somehow I find it honorable to be able to watch him O.D., not in a bad way, he is really rockawesome, I just think it’s great that I’m there to watch a legend leave us

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DENNIS LEARY HOLY SHIT I FORGOT ABOUT HIM :]]] You know that’d be a hella funny night

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i’d love to smoke up with ringo starr, but only if he was singing the no-no song…

or conor oberst.
or drinking with adam green, because boy is he a character.

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But I’d really like to party with royalty, imagine kickin it with the Dannish royal family, that would be sweet. Just to be surrounded by all, makes me sad just thinking about it.

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I got it, Danny K, and Maynard from Tool, together

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I FORGOT RAFFI. yes. we could sing banana phone and be jolly.

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I’d love to get intoxicated with James Dean too!

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I want to add Betty White and evelyns_pet_zebra to my list.

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Wow, I got 5 lurve on that one question, guess it was pretty funny

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Jeff Goldblum AND Christopher Walken.
We would not go boating, I can tell you that.
I can only imagine what the conversation would be like with those two. Something tells me we’d never arrive at any conclusions.

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Guy, just for the laughs: Jim Carrey.

Uma Thurman.

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Oh. And we wouldn’t be doing any talking. Maybe later.

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i would say Bob marley and I would ask him to sing for me while we drink, because he probally know sosme nasty drinking games

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@mgleezy he wouldn’t probably be drinking…

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@mgleezy welcome to fluther. Lurve.

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I’m all about Marilyn Monroe.

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Mitch Hedberg.
My Mom, who I didn’t meet until I was twenty-four years old and who died before I was able to get to know her.
Bill Clinton.
Al Franken.
Stephen King.
Sam Kinison.
Mark Twain.
Carl Sagan.
Ronnie Van Zant.
George Carlin.
Nikola Tesla.

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I don’t get intoxicated, except with life. There are many people I’d love to have a conversation with…Frank Zappa (he didn’t drink either or get high), Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Mark Twain, Charles Laughton, Bryan Cranston…there’s so many others.

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I bet if I got drunk with Mark Twain I’d end up punching him in the face.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Good Answer!! Love Tom Waits!
Would also have to say I’d like to burn one down with Bob Marley.

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tonight…my granddad, who I never met…but was a bloody good drinker, apparently… and he had the loveliest soul

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Leonardo da Vinci
Jimmy Buffett
One to learn, one to lurve. (-;


Yasuko Matsuyaki

Only because I know that both she and I wouldn’t normally get “intoxicated”. Lol.

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Today, I’d have a drink with John Lydon.

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