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Is this a mental disorder?

Asked by bumwithablackberry (932points) August 17th, 2009

Is there a condition where somebody continually thinks accrosstically, such as they see the word “GOOD” and for them it stands for Gay Only On Drugs, or something like that. Is this a condition of Schizoprenia?

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You’re just being silly

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Interesting question. I have never heard of such a condition in all my years of studying neuroscience, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If it did, it would probably be considered an extremely rare and bizarre aphasia.

I have also never heard of this as a symptom of schizophrenia, although people with schizophrenia often do experience disordered speech.

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No it’s not schizophrenia (I’ve never heard of it)

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btw The example which you gave is of an acronym NOT an acrostic. I’m also not sure that there is an adverbial form of either.

It is definitely not Schizophrenia which is a very serious mental illness.

If you want to research it further, you could try a site called which is devoted to any and all forms of wordplay. You may enjoy it.

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Good means Gary Oldman Owned Dracula.
If he thinks otherwise, he might be crazy.

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I use to suffer from such a condition, that’s why I asked. Never knew of anyone having something like that. Beer helped, that and crossword puzzles. I think it is a possible symptom of mania, from being in a manic state. All better NOW, need older woman.

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Perhaps you could get some help from a local chapter of Acronymics Anonymous. :)

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@bumwithablackberry welcome to fluther. lurve

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A creative mind, maybe.

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See the thing is, when there is a lot of say, raw intelligence with no structure, it turns on itself. As opposed to being educated, like the steel thingys in a building, or something.

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