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How do I respond to "Hey man, sup?"?

Asked by Sarcasm (16751points) August 17th, 2009

BACK IN MY DAY, you asked that question as you were curious what the person was up to (similarly, “How’s it goin?” was asked to see how the person was).

But these days I see Dood A ask Dood B “Hey man, what’s up?” and Dood B then appropriately responds “Hey man, sup”.

So when somebody asks “What’s up” or some variation, am I supposed to answer the question, or repeat the question back?

I’m mostly unsure because typically, “What’s up” is asked when it’s very obvious what’s up. I’ll log onto Ventrilo (Online chat program, for the uninitiated) and somebody will ask me what’s up. What’s up is me logging into Vent to chat. Or I’ll sit down to eat a sandwich and my roomie will ask what’s goin on. What’s going on is me eating a sandwich.

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“Not much”
“It’s all good in the hood, nigga”
“Not bad, you?”
or any others
You just ain’t down wit the hood, gramps.

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“Not me. Not yet.”

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“the end of your skirt”
“your time”

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If you like Chamber Music you could say, “Yo Yo Ma.”

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“Are you asking me to eat supper with you?”

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“Who wants to know?”

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Nuttin’ much.

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“Hey” seems to do. If that doesn’t work, I have no idea.

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@Jeruba That’s what I tend to do, or just mumble “Nothing” hoping it’ll get me off the hook.
But I am one part “Retarded socially” and three parts “Worries about every mistake”.

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I meant to write that I would not respond at all.

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Nae bad f’like yirsel ?

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What you want to be sup.

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Well here dude a says f’like and dude b says f’like ,if there is a dude z he says the same thing then you keep on walking .

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What does f’like mean in Scotland?

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Fit like , how are you . Just drop the “it” in “fit” and string it together f’like , its a lazy way of saying fit like :)

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I usually answer with ‘the ceiling’, ‘the sky’, or something to that effect.

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Are you not supposed to respond with something along the lines of you are watching sport and drinking a Budweiser?

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I tend to say “not much” if that’s the truth. If something more is “up”, then I will tell it. I’ve never repeated the question, I always thought that was dumb and meaningless. It doesn’t bother me if other people do it, but you’re not going to see me doing it.

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I just say hello.

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“Pixar movie”

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I find: “not much….wanna hit?” ....leads to further conversation….well at least a yes, or some derivative, or a grunt or a nod

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Nothin’ much. You?

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“What it is, what it was, what it will be?”

That usually covers everything.

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Are you all for real?? It’s just another way to say “hi.” If someone says “hi” to you, of course you can respond in kind with “hi.”

If someone says “hey, what’s up” as a greeting, you also can respond in kind. Or you could say “not much.” Or you could respond by talking about what’s been happening in your life recently.

“What’s up?” also has other meanings, like “what’s wrong” or “what can I do for you” or “what do you want” or “how can I help you?”

Is it just me, or do I detect a little racism in some of the above responses??

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‘Sup yours!

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I repeat the question back with an upward-directional headnod, unless I actually have something going on… then I just tell them what is actually up with me.

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“Nada. Sup with you?”

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