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If someone blocked me on facebook is there any way I can block them?

Asked by JLeslie (54508points) August 17th, 2009
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Under “Settings”, then under “Privacy” there is a block function.

Why on Earth would someone block you? Want me to kick ‘em in the shin for ya’?

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I defriended him and then went to block him about 20 minutes later and couldn’t find him, so I think he blocked me. The scary thought that occurred to me was, is he checking my page that often that he realized I defriended him right away?

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Now I went back and changed a bunch of my setting because of him. I used to let friends of friends see some of my profile etc, and I just changed it to friends only. I like when I can see a little about a person before friending them, because I don’t remember a lot of people, so I wanted people to also be able to access my high school and college, etc. For now I’ll just leave it friends only.

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If you want to, you could PM me his facebook handle, and I can look and see if I can see him. If I can’t, then he’s probably got some blocking going on that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you. Sounds like a real winner, either way.

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His name is too common, over 500 with his name, and I don’t remember his network. I’ll talk to my girlfriend who was the original mutual friend. She defriended him tonight also. He is an expert IT guy…which doesn’t make me comfortable. Thanks :). If I think you can help me I’ll send you a message. For tonight I am going to ignore it and get some sleep.

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@JLeslie: Did you try going to the page of your mutual friend, and then searching for him in her friends before she defriended him? Sometimes I can’t find people when I absolutely know I’m typing in the right name and that they haven’t blocked me. In those cases, sometimes it seems like mutual friends are the only way to find them.

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If someone blocks you, they cant see you just like you cant see them – it works both ways. He also may have deleted his account, (which can be activiated easily just by signing back in again) When someone deletes their account they all but disapear from the FB world like they never existed.

I work in IT, and i work with alot of experts and there are no special tricks or settings that he has applied that someone else cannot. Unless he has managed to hack the network or servers, which would be intense.

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If someone blocked you , you can’t unblock yourself . If someone did block you or you blocked someone , whats the point trying to find them again change settings like you said you have and forget about it .

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Thanks everyone! :). I was able to find him on an old thread and I blocked him.

@Sariperana I’m happy to learn that if one person blocks another everything is blocked for both people, I did not know that.

Thanks again.

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JLeslie… Nice :-)

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