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What is good software for video editing (PC with Vista Ultimate 64 bit)?

Asked by Quagmire (2088points) August 18th, 2009

I want to do with digital video what I see on television, i.e., blur out select faces, put someone’s head on someone else’s body throughout, etc.

And how does it work, i.e., do you have to change things frame by frame?

Hopefully something inexpensive.

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Avid is the way to go.

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After Effects is pretty standard for this sort of stuff. Here is a tutorial on motion tracking.

But it isn’t cheap. But you should be able to download a 30 day trial to play with it.

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Don’t need After Effects if you have an Avid.

Dont really need it if you have a current version of FInal Cut.

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Avid is an amazing program but has a very steep learning curve.

The combination of Adobe Premiere and After Effects is also a great combination.

Now if your editing needs are not as complicated but want a huge step up from WMovieMaker, Pinnacle Studio is reccomended. Its a million times cheaper and it’s much easier to learn.

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Also! Pinnacle has a much more user friendly interface than the others. Now for the face blurring theres motion tracking on After Effects, so if that is what you’re looking for I suggest the more expensive route.

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@ChazMaz – I think Avid has a lesser than full version to. Just like there is a Final Cut Express.

That might save some money.

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@Mega91, so face blurring doesn’t come cheap! Neither does video editing I see.

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@ChazMaz, but isn’t Final Cut for a Mac?

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Yes, I just wanted to throw that in. To make the point that you do not need After Effects.

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After Effects, Adobe Premiere
If you don’t mind breaking laws, you could probably p*rate them.

DISCLAIMER: Piracy is very bad and I don’t encourage it.

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@Quagmire Yeah, it doesn’t come cheap. But there are plenty of discounts for students and like FrogOnFire alluded to there are other ways to get these programs but I personally would not recommend getting it illegally if you want to do some serious editing projects.

And I made no mention of Final Cut or any of it’s products because they are for Macs and getting Any decent Mac with enough capability to be your editing studio PLUS the program itself is flippin mad in this economy. Stick to what you got for now.

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Sony Vegas Pro is freaking amazing. I basically looks the same as Adobe Premiere but it was simpler to me. The only downer is that it is expensive, but you can download a 30 day trial to test it out.

Or just listen to FrogOnFire

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@sweetteaindahouse – I had heard good things about that from my brother to.

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