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Why does eating a meal make me tired?

Asked by Ame_Evil (3051points) August 18th, 2009

I am constantly finding that when I don’t eat much in the day and then have a medium-large meal I feel quite tired for a while afterwards. What is causing this?

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I call it a food coma. Nothing is better than that nap after a good meal.

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There’s sleeping pills in your food!
The only way you can combat this is by having some caffeine!

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Try eating breakfast, dinner and supper for a few days, report back see what happens . Your free medical advice from Dr Strachan, legal dislaimer i aint a Dr

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I think you waited so long to eat that the body goes into a mode of rest after finally getting nourishment because it doesn’t want to expend any energy. If you eat more evenly throughout the day the body is not so fearful of starvation. I think sugar levels have something to do with it also, that the sugar and increased insulin give you that “coma” someone at the top mentioned.

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@sandystrachan That would require a massive change of lifestyle for me :x

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@Ame_Evil It can’t be that hard or a lifestyle change to eat more , even if you work nightshifts you can change your eating habit and still get all three meals .
If you want to stop feeling tired , is it not worth the change ?

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@sandystrachan It’s not the biggest inconvenience in the world to feel a bit sleepy after a meal as it only really lasts an hour at the max.

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Isn’t that because your digestive system takes a lot of energy going from 0–100?

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@Ame_Evil When I do that, wait too long to eat, I tend to eat food that is not very healthy, because I am more desperate for calories, do you find that to be true for you too? I also think it is more work overall for your body to have digest large meals and then store fat, and then convert fat when you need energy, instead of simply having a ready supply of adequate energy.

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”.... Tracy Gensler, a registered dietitian in Chevy Chase, U.S.A, says tryptophan does not deserve nearly the blame it gets for making us sleepy. “The body wants to focus its efforts on digestion,” Ms. Gensler says. “Drowsiness occurs after any big meal, regardless of the meal components. Digestion of any large meal, whether it’s a high-protein, a high-fat or a high-carbohydrate meal, causes the familiar after-meal drowsiness.”


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If you eat more smaller meals during the day you can avoid this problem.

“Researchers have discovered that high blood glucose levels, similar to those after eating a big meal, can switch off the brain cells that normally keep us awake and alert.

The findings make evolutionary sense since sleepiness could be the body’s way of telling us to relax and conserve energy once we have found and eaten our food, says Denis Burdakov of the University of Manchester, UK, who led the research.”


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For me, I eat so much my
jaw and eating arm get exhausted.

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You might want to get your blood sugar tested. You could be dealing with early diabeties.

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When you start to eat your digestive system gears up in preparation to absorb all the nutrients from the food. The amount of blood going to the digestive tract increases massively meaninng there ain’t as much blood for the rest of the body. The body protects itself by making you feel tired so you can’t overstrecth it’s limited resources.

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