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What kind of questions are asked at a fast food job interview?

Asked by MikeMcG (53points) January 15th, 2008

I have an interview tomorrow and I really want this job so I’m trying to prepare myself. What kind of questions do interviewers ask at, for example, a McDonald’s interview? And do you think a clean pair of jeans and a nice button down shirt is the right clothes to wear to the interview?

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Haven’t had one in a very long time, but I remember them asking me to do a simple math equation to demonstrate that I could add and subtract change. They’ll probably ask you how easy it is for you to get to and from work. Basically though, you want to demonstrate that you can show up on time, follow directions, notify a manager if there is a problem, stay moving and on your feet, and present a good face to customers.

If you can do pants, go with that, but jeans should be fine.

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Dressing: No jeans. It may be fast-food, but at least wear khakis or some dressier pants unless this is a family-owned business and the interview is really casual. At least show them you care enough to clean up.

Prep: Go to their website and read all the facts on the company. Then, Google them and see if there’s any current news on them. Company specific questions may not come up, but you’ll know you’re stuff and feel more confident.

Kevbo is right. They aren’t going to expect you to be expectionally skilled right now, but what they will want to know is that you’re responsible, dependable, driven and care about the customers – all with some basic math skills. They will undoubtedly want to know “why do you want to work for McDonald’s?” Know the answer to that. Why do you want to work there?

Also, if you’ve done some basic things in the past, shoveled snow, had a paper-route, had a lemonade stand etc. Let them know that. It shows that you take initiative and have a good work ethic.

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Thanks for the advice. I ended up not getting the job. I have long (for a guy) curly hair and I was offered the job if I was willing to cut it. Initially I was willing to do it but he asked again at the end of the interview and I just wasn’t willing to do it. I was complimented on what I wore to the interview, though.

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Duh! duh can you flip a burger.
You’re hired!

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Ok, so you wouldn’t cut your hair for a fast food job? Do you have any other prospects for say, a job?? I really don’t want to be negative, but you applied at a fast food place, or for basic food service. If you have any skills that you could use to get a job you can keep your hair at, great. If not, c’mon….it’s hair.

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