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What do guys prefer? Big or small?

Asked by purplebutterfly (11points) January 15th, 2008

Ive been wondering for a long time, do guys like the girls with a little meat, more meat or no meat on the bones?

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I like meat on a girl. Marilyn Monroe had meat on her bones. I actually find that generally speaking girls today are to skinny.

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It depends on the guy. I like girls that are very active outdoors people. If they can climb and hike with me, I don’t care how big or small they are.

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The real answer is whatever girl is just on the horizon, but to answer your question, definitely a healthy amount of meat.

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Yes gooch, skinny appearance no longer blends with todays desirable interest.. and YES Perchik its not the matter of being meaty or skinny, what is important is, one can carry themselves, independent on their own and NOT a dependent nor burden to any one..

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It’s the total package. Big or small, its the synergistic sum that is greater than any of the individual parts.

As an aside, a college friend of mine was INCREDIBLY sexy. There was just something about her. She also was probably close to 300 pounds. This was not just my opinion. It was always both amusing and sad to watch the effect she had on other male college students. Many of them were so shallow they could not possibly publicly admit they found someone her size sexy, yet they could not help themselves. They found themselves irresistibly drawn to her, to the point of falling all over themselves, yet would pretend they were not.

Me, being much more practical, simply admitted she was hot without even trying. She is now working as a jazz singer. I have not seen her for 20 some years, but I am told by mutual friends that when she sings, men still swoon. She still has them wrapped around her finger, and I am told she is no smaller. If you could bottle whatever she has, many of us would only need a bottle opener.

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i like a girl with a lot of heart, its whats on the inside thats whats attractive.

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Ya, it’s the woman herself, but to answer the question, if I understand it, I think meat and even fat are good on a woman, up to a point. It’s just too much or too little that starts to be a turn-off, for me.

My impressions is that in general men on average are actually attracted to women of healthy natural weight, and that the media, fashion industry, and popular consciousness (especially of young women) has the bar set much skinnier.

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I dated a girl once (briefly) who, I’m convinced, had a meth problem. She was six feet tall and weighed a smidge under 100 pounds. Far too skinny.

That being said, and I hate to stray from what appears to be the consensus, but I find myself more attracted to fairly petite girls. Dunno. Just what I like, I guess.

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@zaku well said…

I don’t have a preference either way… But too little or too much is definitely a turn-off. It definitely matters how a girl/woman carries herself. Confidence goes a long way too. A pretty face and smile are a big plus. The girls that leave me with a wanting to be around them feeling always win out. The ones you gravitate to, I’m not thinking thin or chunky.

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If I had to choose between fat or skinny (as you essentially put it), I’d choose skinny. You’re only going to gain more weight as you get older.

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No bones about it- my husband prefers skinny women.

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I’m hoping this isn’t offensive, but it is my admittedly largely ignorant observation (or presumption, I guess) that many of the people working in the fashion industry are women or gay men. Does anyone here think that might influence fashion’s bias for slender women?

Given that high fashion focuses on thin well past athletic or healthy, I don’t think it’s a health-conscious issue.

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@hossman – yes, I do. I think they’re in a competition for each other’s attention and status, far more than they are interested in attracting straight men. Similar situation with women’s shoes and purses – they’re to impress other women.

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@zaku: I’m not sure, but I think you were talking about the women who buy these products. What about the people who work in the industry selling and designing?

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@hossman – My first sentence, agreeing with you, was about the people in the fashion industry, and my view of their focus (i.e., they seem overly concerned with each other).
Then in my second sentence I leaped to consumers of women’s shoes and purses, trying to make an analogy.
The theme being that women and gay men seem excited and competitive about fashion bits that most straight men barely notice.

And I think the super-skinny female role model (and resulting mental and physical health issues) is a side effect.

Also it seems like at least some women don’t realize that men aren’t generally more attractive to tall skinny women, especially if they’re having trouble walking in silly shoes they aren’t even looking at, or are having self-esteem issues because of some competition with other women that the men don’t even notice, and don’t want to participate in. ;-)

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There’s something special to skinny! Before any flames, consider that:

As an adult I’ve had mostly and many fine, thick, plump and other euphemistic tags for “not-thin” adult female friends. Kissin, holding, carressing, and sex have all been “very nice” to “very good”. But thin women have always at the same fascinated my attention and desires. My first “girl friend” in elementary school was thin and her aura stays with me today though she’s been a no-longer-thin, shapely 5’9” since high school.

But from high-school through now skinny women I’ve held in my arms, danced with and had other touch-times with left me with the most special indelible feelings and preview fantasies about how great sex and daily living with them could be. The most standout of those was a skinny friend I would “date” at her (and her mom’s) home (it was the 60’s, guys) as a college freshman who is the only woman who EVER had the power many wannabee women falsely “boast” about—to make me “cream in my jeans”, while just kissing her lips passionately. I’m not talking a little leaking which most any woman can create… I mean nearly full-forced can’t-hardly-hold-it-in ejaculation.

Today, right when I think it’s a thing of the past and all attractive women affect me equally, a skinny woman—no matter how plain-Jane—will walk by or walk in and just floor me with her special appeal.

It’s real guys, and I’m convinced it’s not just from the desire to “have what I haven’t had” in a long-term “thin-girl” relationship. (Parenthetically, I do like them tall also, and while to me a tall woman is special at any weight, a skinny woman is more special at any height over about 5’ 4” , and when I say TALL I seriously mean that even a 7-footer would be perfectly great for me. )

Thin may or may not be “in”, but it sure is powerfully delicious! And even with my athletically muscular build (I coach high school sports) I’ll easily and gladly be a love-slave to a tall, thin mentally-balanced woman of good character.

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I’m sure it’s real for you vdal, and that’s a fascinating and convincing description, but different things turn different people on.

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I hate skinny girls. They are disgusting. What’s a matter with eating. Skinny girls make me want to eat. NASTY

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I prefer a stomach you could bounce a quarter off of. Just my preference. I believe there is somebody for everybody.

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A bit repulsed by xylophone ribs, and I prefer a nice badunkadunk, so I guess “girls with more meat” would be my answer.

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