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Love or Lust?

Asked by purplebutterfly (11points) January 15th, 2008

For the rest of your life if you could either a) be totally in love with the person your with, and be completley unattractited to them with no hope for the future. or b) Not love the person but lust after them like no tomorow. Which would you chose?

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Love (and hoping that “unattractited” is some kind of loophole ;-) ).

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Love. I can live without lust. There are many people I love that I do not lust. Love allows us to approach the finest in humanity. Even goats lust.

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Lust…It makes me feel alive.

Now, pass me some leaves to chew on.

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I can’t imagine one of them without the other; to me, they’re always together and I think it’s pretty useless trying to isolate them… in other words, they’re not the poles of a continuum, but the ingredients of a composite

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I’m wary of lust in the sense that one who lusts after another takes from that person. But love is giving and enriching and grows. That I know because I was there to witness my wife endure 13 hours of labor to give life and the level of love we then experienced eclipsed anything I’ve ever felt. In the sense that there’s attraction within a relationship, well, that is essential ;)

I would much rather be in love with somebody than to spend my life lusting after a person, if that answers the question…

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Isn’t this a false choice? I have a hard time lusting after someone I don’t like, and they seem to both increase together over time.

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Lust can make you do stupid things (and really, how much time 24/7 can you have sex?) Love makes you a better person.

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I got both going on so don’t feel the need to choose. Hmmm, but I will make the point that I think love is a choice so if lust is the given love can than me added. So on that note I would go with lust and than choose to love them.

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