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How do I download this audiobook onto my iPod touch?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) August 18th, 2009

I have a free download of a gossip girl audiobook. It is one one of the discs from my season 1 of gossip girl. It comes with instructions. The first instruction is to insert the disc into my PC’s drive, which I did. The second step says: “use windows explorer to locate the DVD drive and right click on Gossip Girl DVD folder to expand.” I have no idea how to do this! Can someone please help me ASAP because I have to drive 4 hours tommorow morning and I want to listen to it! Thanks so much.

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If you are on windows, click on the computer icon on the desktop. It should bring up a window and you should see a bunch of drives as icons (at least that is what mine does). Sometimes, it will say “Drive C:” or “Drive D”. Occasionally, if you have a CD in the drive, it might just indicate the name of the cd if it has one. Click on each until it pops another window up with the files you are looking for. Then open iTunes and manipulate the itunes window and the open explorer window until you can see them both (adjusting size and what have you), and click and hold the file you want from the CD and drag it over to your library. It should recognize it and drop it into the Audiobooks section automatically. Good luck. Alternatively, you can open windows explorer by right clicking on the start button (down in the bottom for Windows XP). Let me know if you actually have a MAC and I’ll give you instructions for that one.

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