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What's the next issue you'd like to see addressed by the government?

Asked by ubersiren (15140points) August 19th, 2009

After this health coverage stuff is over with, what’s the next most important issue you’d like to see fixed? Ending the war in Iraq? Alternative energy? Human rights?

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the flagrant abuse of the immigration system and the total disregard for the rules that are supposed to keep that system functioning to the benefit of the US.

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Gay Marriage. Definitely.

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There is simply one major issue: Clean energy independence.

We have to reduce the use of fossil fuels, pure and simple. If we don’t we are going to continue to foul this beautiful planet we all must share.

The Obama administration should begin a nationwide effort similar to getting a a man to the moon to develop solar, wind, tide, everything. There are already ambitions but achievable plans to develop huge solar arrays in the southwest US to use solar during the day to generate electricity. In addition some of the electricity would be used to pump caves full of high pressure air, which at night would be used to drive turbines to generate electricity. Why not?

Right now we are poisoning our planet at a rate that we dare not sustain. Fossil fuels are a major contributor.

not to mention the balance of trade problems, the funding of terrorism problems, supporting questionable regimes problem, ...

We need a full bore, balls to the wall effort to get out from under oil and all the environmental and geopolitical problems it brings.

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I would like to see the government keep moving forward on multiple fronts. Some of the issues that I think need work are:

1. Regulation and enforcement for banks (lowering punitive fees including the way they pay checks in order to maximize overdraft charges) and so they make the bulk of their money from lending and banking not fees.

2. Regulation stopping speculative trading for energy futures so that only consumers trade not speculators who drive the prices up for their own enrichment.

3. Regulation of outre derivatives and other meaningless financial products that are totally unrelated to products and services.

4, Better enforcement of the markets through the SEC, and a review of regulation to see what is needed.

5. Reduction of CO2 emissions legislation.

6. Clearing up the failed non-policy of don’t ask, don’t tell allowing gays to continue their distinguished serviced in our military without having to lie.

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The postal service
Apparently, some people are too inadequate at doing something as simple as DELIVERING THE FUCKING MAIL.
sorry I’m at a delivery limbo here

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It’s an issue many people aren’t aware of. Water fluoridation! In the USA they fluoridate their water, and I am very against this because I’m concerned about the possible adverse affects. I read a Chinese study that showed that children in China who consumed more fluoride than another group of children had a lower IQ! I wish people would make more of a fuss about this this.

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well that would explain a lot

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On the heels of healthcare I believe the government should put a clear and pro-active plan in to place to get us the hell out of that quagmire in Iraq.

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cling film

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I’m still waiting for equal rights over here…

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I’m right there with human rights issues and alternative fuels. They are tied for second place right behind Iraq for me. It’s almost a 3 way tie, honestly.

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We need to pay attention to the plight of many African nations.
It’s unconscionable that almost an entire continent should suffer so much.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic : The ‘compassionate’ part of your name seems to find you well. ;)

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Fixing what they broke: The Earth.

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Pulling back on the reigns of power-grab by W. Quick and easy, and a demostration that he isn’t power crazed. Rescind the wiretapping, torture, and rendition laws/policies.

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This will never happen but: public funding for our representatives campaigns. It will be easier to convince our representatives to go against powerful business interests when those business interests are investing in their campaigns.

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@chris6137 : Yes! Audit the effin fed!

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I just want to smoke a blunt without being arrested.

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- limiting predatory capitalism
– incentives for energy efficiency
– implementing strategies to deal with the root cause of islamist extremism

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My money is on the fact that energy efficiency is the way to go. We could reduce the risks of war in the middle east by coming off the dependence on oil. Handle unemployment by getting everyone to start building the new energy grid and save the planet and the rest of humanity at the same time. Not too shabby for our next concentration.

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