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How many of you use Apple products?

Asked by jonno (1062points) January 15th, 2008

Just wondering, because there seems to be a very large amount of people here asking Mac/iPhone questions? Not that I have a problem with it (I would use a Mac if I could!)

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I’ve got an iPod and an iPod touch. A lot of people here use the fluther iphone app, therefore it may seem like a large proportion of iphone users.

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iMac 10.4.11

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PowerBook G4, iMac, 2 iPods, 1 iPhone, 1 iSight, 1 Airport Express. If Apple bottled water, I’d drink it…and probably pay $3 a bottle.

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just itunes here…and on a windows machine, no less

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iMac, iPhone, and soon-to-be MacBook Air owner here.

Why can’t you use a Mac?

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macbook ipod iphone

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long time Mac user here. Fluther is a natural for the iPhone, that may have something to do with the unnaturally high numbers of us on the site. hope you’re able to join the ranks of Mac users soon!

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OG Mac user-it’s in my blood since the Mac Classic-from all the way back with the Apple II (I remember a computer van that used to travel from school to school that we would go to and learn about games and programming in Basic and Pascal back in the early 80’s)...

I use all things Apple that you can think of-I’m working on getting certified to teach the pro apps certification track, and already teach iLife/podcasting, Logic Pro, Final Cut Studio (most of it), and ProTools/Avid on the Mac…

10.5.x rocks but is still quite buggy IMO, and agree with posters above that fluther is awesome on iPhone-thanks fluther gods! You rock! Keep it movin’!

p.s. the MacBook Air is kinda lacking though IMO-eye candy that non-power users will like f’sho…I’ll probably end up getting one anyway ‘cause I’m an addict lol…

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iPhone & iPod

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I have a MacBook and an iPod :)

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MacBook, and iPod Touch.
But all together in the family we have like 6 Mac Laptops.

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Thanks to my Mac son, I have a Powerbook and iPhone. Mighty nice gifts!

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I have a MacBook. My wife has an iBook. I use another MacBook at work. I’ve owned several Macs over the years, my first being a Mac LC (with a 256 color, 13” monitor!) back in 1991.

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iMac, MacBook Pro, iPod, & iPhone.

I’ve been rocking Macs since 6th grade. Orgeon Trail anyone?

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I have an iMac and a iPod Touch and and a fatty Nano. I have used Macs forever. Oregon Trail days in elementary school. My parents bought the original Mac in ‘84. I went to Windows for a few years but OS X brought me back.

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MacBook Pro, iPod Nano,

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Windows-free household here – two iPods, a Mac Mini, a Powerbook G4, and an iBook G4.

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iMac, Airport Extreme, want a Macbook Pro.

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“Why can’t you use a Mac?” (fortune425)

Cos they’re so damn expensive, that’s why! I’m hoping to get one at a good price second-hand

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MacBook Pro 17, MacBook, iBook G4, (3) iPod Mini, (1) iPod Nano (current gen), (1) iPhone

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Mac Pro, contemplating Laptop for freelancing and iPod nano for fun

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Black MacBook, White MacBook, Mac mini, various older iMacs and G4s and some ancient stuff. iPod touch, nano, shuffle, blah blah etc etc. Guess I drank the Kool Aid..

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Mac Mini. Ipod Nano. Apple Keyboard.

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MacBook, iPhone and MacBook Pro this summer

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iPod Video, Safari (If that counts), MacBook very soon

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2 iPhones & 2 macbooks

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Why 2 iPhones???

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One for business one for personal use

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I DO! iPhone, MacBook, iWork, iPod Video, Shuffle, Touch.

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iWork, MacBok, iPod Video, Safari

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One mac, six iPods and a lot of accessories. And i also use basically every software they make.

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black macbook, silver 80GB ipod classic, and tons of apple apps

but i’m more in it for the freeware…

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I’ve been digging Macs for about 10 years now. The first thing that turned me on was the “flavors” when iMacs and IBooks were Blueberry, etc. I had 3 iMacs, 3 iBooks, and now one 12” Powerbook. The Software has come a long way, anything you bought used to be lame as heck and almost schoolish. Ever since Adobe Air apps started to be developed, it has added a certain wow factor for me. I also have owned many iPods, and I am on my 2nd’s like a Geek Cult and we are very protective of our choice! Follow me: Macgeek61 @Twitter

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Update, three Macs, seven iPods and even more accessories.

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I use a Powermac for internet-only functions in my lab (the sounds of old computers are comforting) and use an Ibook for my day-to-day work.

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I do, is there anything else?

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