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How do I get my filets not to freeze together in the freezer?

Asked by ubersiren (15140points) August 19th, 2009

I already use wax paper between before freezing, but inevitably, my chicken, fish, and chops still always stick together.

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I place them side by side in plastic bags rather than on top of eachother. They thaw quicker that way too.

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Try patting them really dry with a paper towel first. Also some people use a very thin film of peanut oil or corn oil between the slices.

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Side by side is a good idea or I just put them in individual zip lock sandwich bags or the plastic bags fruit and veg come in. I don’t like using plastic bags but they exist so I try to recycle them.

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Oil… good idea. Or maybe cooking spray. Lube ‘em up first. I was trying to avoid using lots of plastic baggies, so this seems good. Does the oil freeze? Is that something I should know by my 28th year of life?

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I do an over and under wrap with foil before wrapping the whole lot in foil so they are separate from each other.

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use a Seal a Meal and freeze separately

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Place them on a cookie sheet, freeze, then place in the bags. Because they are already frozen they will not “connect”

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Wrap them individually.

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DrBill has the right answer. Freeze on a cookie sheet first and then bag the next day. The method is called individually quick frozen product and is the best way to keep foods from sticking together. You needn’t worry about freezer burn if you suck out as much air as possible and then use soon.

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wrap them indiviually and freese them on a sheet pan seperated from each other then consolidate them when fully frozen

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Freeze them in advance, then bag them once frozen. They shouldn’t need wax paper to help separate them via this means.

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@PerryDolia : Googling “Seal a Meal”

@DrBill and @dynamicduo : It’s so obvious… why didn’t ever think of that before? Thank you!

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This also works for smaller things that usually clump up, like freezing blueberries :)

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I like to layer them with cats.

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@Blondesjon : Hahaha.. I remember that post.

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Buy, cook and eat fresh.

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Set them inside your plastic container or Ziploc bag side by side .

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Place some kind of water barrier (foil or plastic film) between them, if you are going to wrap them together. The best way is to wrap them individually.

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Cabelas makes the most wonderful vacuum sealer. It’s stronger than any other one I researched, before I bought. I freeze everything in sight…and it thaws very nicely.

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Freeze individually. Otherwise, freeze in a bag filled with water. That way they do not get freezer burn either. I do bit with fish I catch all the time.

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The only sure fire way to prevent sticking is to freeze each one individually.

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