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What are ways to keep the mind focused?

Asked by todeshaschen (43points) August 19th, 2009 from IM

Like if you were at work, sitting at a desk. How could you stay focused to prevent procrastination?

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it’s all about goal setting.

maintaining your drive and focus is you say you must complete this in order to achieve that, without motivation, you get lazy and distracted.

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If your task is daunting, break it down into little steps. Getting one part done will involve you, and you will likely just continue.

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Get a good night’s rest, and exercise to get yourself in peak physical condition. Develop a sense of urgency and determination that your newly fit body and mind will now effortlessly complete the tasks. Think of yourself as a success, and in association with a positive attitude you will enjoy a focus the likes you have never seen. Do not spend too much time on the internet as in my opinion it deflects focus.

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Break your tasks into discrete chunks, compile a list of them, and then check each one off as you do it, until the entire list is done.

I had a seriously ADD co-worker (who never realized she was ADD even though she accepted that her son was) who did precisely this and as a result was the most productive person on staff.

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Sometimes I procrastinate because I’m contemplating a project but haven’t mapped out all the little steps I need to do to make them happen. Writing them out, in the order they need to be done, helps to get you started on doing them.

By the way, the above is a tried-and-true method from David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done.

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I go into a dark closet and cut myelf.

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Adderal. Or just do something interesting!

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