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Does anyone know what ingredient is used in hibachi cooking (Benihana, etc. ) that can make you "sick"?

Asked by Vavst (7points) August 19th, 2009 from iPhone

If I eat at these kinds of restaurants I get the “rumbles” in my stomach within 30 minutes and need to get to a restroom immediately. Once everything Is said and done, all is well. The “sickness” doesn’t linger. The same thing happens when I have lettuce that has been sprayed with that salad bar prrservative.

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MSG maybe? Does it happen in Chinese Restaurants?

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You may have a problem with sulfites. In which case you avoid white wine with sulfites too.

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Do certain kinds of food bother you? Sometimes just having the food near yours can be a problem. With something like onions you might be able to tell them not to cook it on your table but you have no control over what was done before you got there.

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msg doesn’t make you sick, its a myth and completely psychosematic. They’ve done studies. link There could be any number of things that could’ve given you an upset stomach but its probably not something you ate thirty minutes prior. That’s not enough time for something you’re eating to reach or have an impact on something in your lower intestines or colon.

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Wine doesn’t bother me Neither does Chinese and it is def something I eat within 30 mins of the issues. The rumbling starts within 30 and the trip to thd restroom becomes necessary within 60. The only other known cause is salad at some restaurants that I assume use that preservative spray.

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