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What are my options for selling my PS3?

Asked by InspecterJones (1052points) August 19th, 2009

I have an 80 gig PS3, the older one that plays PS1/2 games. Now, the new PS3 slim (rumored 240 gb version) looks pretty attractive as I’m having trouble with free space. The issue I have is that I bought a lot of games off of PSN, I don’t know what the process of selling the PS3 is like and being able to retrieve all my games afterward. Please advise?!?!

Also, what kind of money can I expect for my current PS3 in the used market?

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eBay.- Average price $272.47 for the last 90 days, sell through rate 65.07%,
High Price-$ 650.00-as follows:
PS3 80 GIG 2 SixAxis Controllers 12 Games, HDMI Cable
Lowest sold price-70.00-as follows:
Your status and experience will make the difference in addition your ability to wait. You can list a Buy it Now quite cheap for 30 days or Good Until Canceled.
Good Luck

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You can download your PSN purchases again (Sony are quite nice about this -you can download PSN stuff to 5 seperate PS3’s). You can also back up your PS3’s hard drive and then transfer the whole lot across to the new PS3.

However I personally wouldn’t bother. One of the nice things about the PS3 is you can upgrade the hard drive yourself without invalidating the warranty. Sony even include instructions on how to do it and it is very easy. You backup your PS3 to an external HD, remove the old HD and insert the new HD reinstall the base software from a USB stick (you’ll need the latest update from Sony) and then copy back everything from your backup.

You can get 500GB 2.5 inch drives for less than $100.

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Don’t sell up , upgrade the internal hard drive to 500GB cheaper than buying a new model JUST cause its the slim line . Also ps3 is going to get cheaper next year .

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If you REALLY want to sell up , give me a shout i am always looking for more ps3’s .

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You honestly think that looks good !!!! . I knew they were gonna make it that way , but damn did they have to its ugly i thought they might of changed some design .

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@sandystrachan I’m sure it looks very nice in person.

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As for the 120G HDD it will only be 100G cause of the sony OS oh it has a new processor, upgrade the internal Hdd to 700G or even a TB not guaranteed a TB works then you will more hard drive and still the option to install linux .
Offer still stands , price and postage is correct i will buy it even if it it NTSC formatt

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um don’t sell it?

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