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Do i have an eating disorder?

Asked by asheliz (33points) August 20th, 2009

So everytime I eat I eat so much that it physically hurts my stomach. Im always hungry and im always stuffing my face and thinking aboput food, even though im tiny.I know a normal person dosent eat as much as i do and my parents just say im a growing girl but i dont think its that.

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well, hopefully you have a high metabolism…if not I’d consider not eating as much as you’ll pack on the pounds really fast and become one of the statistical obese people in the united states.

I’d seek out a dietitian, they might be able to label a specific name to a disorder such as the one you’re describing.

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If it physically hurts that definitely sounds like a problem. I would consult your doctor or, like RandomMrdan said, a dietician. (On a recent visit, did he or she voice any concerns about your eating habits?) If you do have an eating disorder, it could be binge eating. When you’re eating, do you ever feel like you’re eating much more than necessary, and get feelings of guilt about it? Can you stop eating at that point? What kinds of foods are you eating (anything junky/snacky)?

However, I know quite a few skinny people who are constantly eating, and I think that isn’t really an issue (they just seem to burn through food superfast).

Do some research on the internet and see if you can spot any ‘warning signs’ for eating disorders that sound familiar. And definitely get professional advice, because I haven’t done any research in eating disorders, nor do I have any experience with it.

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thank you kyanblue. and yeah i always feel like i eat way more than necessary and i get guilty feelings. i know i dont need that much food, but i eat it anyway.

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I think as long as you’re proportionate (not incredibly skinny, or incredibly over weight) you should be okay…but yeah, if it’s hurting to eat so much, it sounds bad.

I’ve eaten so much one time that I got sick…haha, long story.

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bahahaha wow

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I suggest trying to develop the practice of eating slowly and enjoying every bite, as opposed to stuffing your face.

After you eat a bunch, do you ever stop being hungry, even for a while?

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yeap for about an hour. then i convince myself im hungry again somehow.

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i eat alot when im bored too.

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I believe you would benefit by going and seeing a doctor, and possibly talking to a nutritionist. An eating disorder, broadly speaking, can be any type of unhealthy relationship with food. I would say yes, eating until you are physically uncomfortable as well as eating after eating is an unhealthy relationship with food. Thus I would go and see if there is a physiological reason for your hunger by talking to a doctor, as well as seeing a nutritionist to work out a reasonable eating plan so that you can re-evaluate your relationship with food.

When you’re bored, trying doing an activity instead of eating. Go for a walk, for instance.

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Some eat a lot to release frustration. I don’t understand how that works tho. A broken hearted girl with a tub of ice cream . HAR?

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bahahaha you’re right @mea05key.

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the problem with that @dynamicduo, is that i do excersise. im involved in sports.

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Have you had your thyroid checked?

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Try to eat very slowly. It will give your brain more time to send the right signals. Eat together with other people if possible. Ask them questions. Find interesting topics to discuss.

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