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What habits annoy you about your S/O?

Asked by shortysith (688points) August 20th, 2009

Just for fun :) We all love our S/O’s, but what do they do that sometimes annoys you? Shave and leave the hair in the sink? Sing out of tune in the car? For example, my S/O loves to eat snacks in chips, and he gets crumbs everywhere! I love to tease him about it :) Just curious what other people say :)

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Not existing (sobs)

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She bites her thumbnails. Ugh!

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Sometimes he doesn’t articulate his concerns well and it’s gotten to the point where if he doesn’t open up his mouth and vocalize whatever the issue is, I will not address it

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She has this habit of choosing lazy slobs to love.
Come to think of it that doesn’t annoy me at all.

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Every jar she opens, she manages to get the stuff that’s inside, on the outside (think honey, peanutbutter).
Plus she leaves the lids off of them (think every jar).

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He’s unnecessarily long-winded sometimes, mostly when I’m not in the mood for random stories. He does this thing where if he’s around certain people, he acts differently. Say he goes home to Buffalo and he sees some people he knows, all of a sudden he’s using slang and acting like those people when any other time that’s not him. It annoys me. And, whether he is aware of it or not, tends to sometimes treat me like his daughter rather than his partner. There are probably others, but my head hurts.

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being such a smartass and always being correct. ugh!

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When we have to do homework he always turns off the music.
When something makes him angry he starts mumbling, for a long time!
Whenever I fall he always exagerates that I could’ve have broken my leg or something.

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He pauses to consider his answers to my questions for such a long time that even after five years together I still get all insecure and attribute sinister meaning to the pause (that he’s tacitly saying no, or either deliberately or subconsciously undermining the veracity of his own answer. Neurotic as hell, I know). It drives me crazy.

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He has a tendency to not voice his feelings when something is bothering him. He’ll just go along with something even if it makes him uncomfortable or if he doesn’t like it in general (this is more with friends than with me, but I have noticed it anyway). You don’t know how many times I’ve heard my friends say to him “oh you should have just said so”.

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@DominicX I have friends like that…..It sure is annoying as hell!

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Can’t go five minutes without breathing.

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She almost never cleans, and when she does, she cleans my desk. I know where everything is up till then, and immediately after cleaning, I can’t find anything.

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She leaves clothes lying around everywhere and is very unorganized.

Conversely, I’m a neat-freak and am organized to a fault (think anti-pack rat).

We’re basically Felix and Oscar.

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What does Buffalo slang sound like
Yo Hot wingshizzle dog. You down?

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@SeventhSense To tell you the truth I tried my best to tune it out. I’m guessing it sounds like all other NY slang.

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My s/o doesn’t like to do things for herself like get something to drink or make a sandwich, and she usually waits until I’ve sat down and made myself comfortable to ask me for something. Then she gives me a guilt trip when i pitch a fit about not wanting to do it.

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<——from Buffalo which is western NY, totally different from NYC or Long Island speak.

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She will spend hours on the computer when she only intends to do one quick task: answer a fluther question, check her bank account, etc. It’s a very small thing, but it really annoys me

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@Capt_Bloth Are you a part of a fluther couple? Sweet! You should fluther together.

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It doesn’t annoy me, but I just don’t like it when she is pissed and she just sits there and looks angry.
And I don’t mumble…

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@jonsblond We do :) First time in different time zones, though. This is cool.

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He trims his cuticles at inappropriate times.

The annoyance I feel about that is overshadowed by his awesomeness in most other areas. But it would be lovely if he stopped!!!

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I respect my wife far too much to reveal what it is she does that annoys me. Besides, she might read this, and I have to sleep in the same bed with her. I sleep pretty soundly, and I know she still hasn’t forgiven me for the inflatable shark practical joke thing!

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When he ignores me for no reason!
When he flirts with other girls! :(
When he tries to be cool and show off…be yourself! :O

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@irocktheworld he sounds like a gift there

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When she leaves just a little piece of toilet paper left on the roll and wants me to change it.

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@bennihan Welcome to Fluther.. Lurve.

Yes, in my house too. Plus, I am apparently the only one who has the recipe for Ice Cubes.

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@bvdshec17 that’s very insulting!

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He jiggles his leg. Not just when he’s sitting but even when he’s standing, so that he’s doing a weird little bouncy dance whle he stands there talking to me. Makes it almost impossible for me to focus on the conversation.

As he’s gotten older, he’s also developed an odd mannerism of twisting and chewing on his lips in all sorts of odd positions. Makes him look like some old guy who spends too much time alone and isn’t aware of what he’s doing….

I don’t do anything like this, do I? You’d tell me, wouldn’t you?

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Well I don’t live in Manhattan but Buffalo compared to downstate is like another country. They’re practically Canadian so I doubt it. That’s like comparing the folks in Shasta to L.A.. if we were talking California.

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@SeventhSense Yea, I was just guessing

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He’s always turned on and I’m not lol.

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Take my wife….. Please!

Don’t get me wrong. I totally love my wife. But…..

My wife. Oy veh! She has one really annoying, typically female habit (which she’s passing them on to our daughter). She won’t set a mouse trap. “Daloon, I hear rustling in the kitchen. Daloon, look at all these mouse turds on the counter.” So set a trap, already.

But it’s worse than that. Not only can’t she set a mousetrap, but she can’t bear to look at a set mousetrap. She hands newspaper or something to hide the trap. But not only that, she won’t look at a trap to see if it has caught anything, and if it has caught something, she won’t dispose of the mouse. Guess who has to do everything mouse? I hope, hope, hope that @Supermouse doesn’t see this ;-)

And another thing. She won’t eat anything that she can see the whole creature—no fish with eyes staring at you; no crabs, clams, whole shrimp and the like. And perhaps worst of all. No lobster! I love lobster!

I’ve never cooked one.

Then there are the lists. Lists of lists. Lists of lists of lists. There are little lists and reminders taped to refrigerators and banisters and doorknobs and placed on the washamacleaner… In our bedroom, she sits for hours, staring at her lists and trying to think up things to put on them. What’s worst, though, is when she hands me a list. I live in utter fear of her lists. I will say this for her—she does get things done!

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@daloon I’m with her on the eating whole animals thing. I can’t even look at a full-bodied shrimp. Lobster’s ok though :P

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I can eat a whole lobster or shrimp, but I draw the line at having my dinner look at me. If they bring me a lobster and put it down facing me, I kind of lose my appetite.

Never could do the pick-him-out-in-the-tank thing. It makes me go all Bambi.

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Killing mice is our job. Their job is to smother us with affection for being their hero.
At least it was in the manual I got at adolescence.
When a woman is all eeks..I just want to ravish her…

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when he gets cross at me for being on fluther all the time :) And he is rather pessimistic… but I love him heaps xxx

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@sakura I know how he feels
not that I have any room to talk at the moment

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Now you got me all flustered.

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Much like @cprevite I’m the neat freak and I’m ridiculously organized. She, on the other hand has some macaroni salad in her fridge from 2008, old paper coffee cups in her car from last winter and a lovely layer of grit on her kitchen floor (it’s there most of the time. Usually, I’ll be the one who cleans it). C’est ca.

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He likes to spit.. uughhh nasty

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She leaves her shoes all over the floor. Sometimes it’s many pairs of shoes. I feel like much of the time I pick up one pair, and then trip over another.

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