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"What are the most annoying phrases on television?"?

Asked by rebbel (33467points) August 20th, 2009

I saw a thread on this earlier on a BBC-forum, but i want to hear if you have some TV-phrases, by announcers/news-readers/(sport)commentators, that really annoy you.
One that i hate (interviewer-interviewee) is: “we’ll come back to that later”.
First of all i don’t hear the rest of the conversation, because i am waiting for that later-moment and secondly, they usually don’t come back to it.

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Whenever the stupid brady bunch family talk. Fuck them. Most overrated show on TV.

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“that’s what she said”
“Did i do that?”
the use of the suffix -izzle

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It’s not much about what the people say. It’s more about the show.

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@eponymoushipster I’ve already been damned. Got and F on my rough draft today. I mean how the flip can you get an F on your rough draft?
But I am blessed with fluther.

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Head On Apply Directly to Forehead.

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@cyndihugs sounds intriguing.

@Marina repeat that about 8 times and you’ve got an ad…~

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It used to be annoying. Now it’s retro-cute.

But wait, there’s more! Each overpriced plastic kid’s toy comes with three—not one, not two, but three upgradeable hats made in China!

Remember those ads? What are they called? The ones that ended with a blue screen and a phone number, & the line “Must be 18 years or older to call.”

(Oh, but also, I find it awkward when TV anchors talk about ‘social media’, in this awkward way that makes me think, “You have no idea what that is, but you know it’s a buzzword.”)

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I’ll tell you what’s the best phrase on TV

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1. “thank you for that report, Robert.” (plug in any beat reporter name)
2. “can we get some sun, mike?”
3. “when is the rain going to stop, katy?”
4. “tonight we’ll tell you when the torrential rain will stop. see news at 10!”
5. “deadbeat dads tonight at 11”
6. “email us or twitter.”
7. “thank you for that report, christy.”
8. “see you tonight at 10”
9. “Tim, can you tell us when the snow will let up?”
10. “good night.”

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no such thing.

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“Mother please, I’d rather do it myself.” A blast from the past.

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“My bad.”
“Between you and I.”

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Hi, I’m Bill O’Reilly

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“I’m *** and I approve this message.”

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I see a lot of kids programming and there seems to be a huge lack of creativity in some shows.

There’s some show called The Hoobs and everything is “hoobariffic” and “hoobalicious” and “hooby galooby.” Similarly, there’s another show called Frannie’s Treasures on which Frannie, the main character says that things are “Frantabulous” That embodies my distaste for the non-art of the combo word “fantabulous” and plugging your own show within your show.

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On point. What horrible reality show started this?

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I keep hearing the word “ridonkculous” on tv. In shows and movies. It just sounds weird….I don’t like it. I don’t even think I spelled it right. Ahhh… whatever.

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Famous last words…Died of cocaine abuse- wow that was a surprise ~_~

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This is Bob, Bob is doing well, very well indeed…..Enzyte, the effective reliable way to natural male enhancement

All my friends are going out tonight, but not me! I’m going to have a great time tonight, talking to you! You can tell me anything you want…

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Sotto voce: Side effects of Enzyte include vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, male pattern baldness, joint pain, difficulty breathing, swollen glands, pink eye, hives, double vision and possibly cessation of breathing. Check with your doctor.

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@Nefily i thought that was funny on saturday night live, but rarely anywhere else at all. it’s super annoying most of the time…

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@eponymoushipster if I hear that’s what she said one more time (more in real life than on tv) I’m going to shove pencils in my ears

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@live_rose Gads! That’s more than just a TV thing. That bugs me every time I hear it. That one’s right up there with “Just sayin’...” for me.

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I think the “Smilin’ Bob” ads are creepy in and of themselves. Looks like a bad Soundgarden video, pushing boner pills.

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Oh I say just sayin a lot but it’s just part of fluid conversation I’m not trying to be funny and that’s probably what bothers me about that’s what she said. People think it’s hilarious . . .and it’s not . . .at all . . .ever

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To quote my goddess, Ellen DeGeneres…

[watching commercial]
“Do you get sad? Are you sometimes depressed or angry? Do you feel aggression or hopelessness?”
Yes…yes, I feel all those things…I’m alive!

Point: We don’t need meds for everything, let alone TV ads to tell us about these meds.

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@live_rose What bugs me about “just sayin” is that it usually follows something remarkably mean spirited, as though “just sayin” makes it alright to say cruel things to others.

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I don’t know if anyone else watches this, but every once in a while I watch “Deal or No Deal”. I can’t stand it when Howie Mandel is signing off, and does this weird had gesture. It kinda makes want to slap him!

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A reality show contestant that gives a speech about how (s)he is not competing to make new friends. Like that is a reason to be rude to other people. Anyway reality shows should be avoided, but the people that participate even more ;)

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So easy even a Caveman can do it!

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“For erections lasting more than 4 hours, please contact a physician”
Or my friend Susan. She would be interested in that.

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Anything coming out of the shamwow guy’s mouth, and “omg I can’t believe you got The Roots!!!!”.

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Hi, this is vince from SlapChop! you’re gonna love my nuts!

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@Jack_Haas you got the roots? Thats awesome, best band ever! I think even the Roots are tired of that phrase..

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@markyy Right! One day after taping a show they probably regrouped and went like “let’s never use the word “legendary” ever again…”

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@Ansible1 I hear that phrase a lot ore than average because the morning radioshow I listen too plays it ALL the time

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@Ansible1 Isn’t that the same guy who does the Sham-Wow ads that got arrested for assaulting a prostitute?

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yeah he punched her in the face after she bit his tongue . . .pitchmen these days hookers and cocaine oh my

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“Power to the People” from progressive – she’s strange

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Check out this article about the scumbag who runs that Smilin’ Bob scam. He was sentenced to jail on 93 counts of conspiracy and forced to pay 500 million in fines. And yet he can still operate these sham businesses. The government really doesn’t care if you have a deceptive business as long as the outcry isn’t too vocal.
And of course as long as the legal system can also profit from this gang rape of the public.

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@SeventhSense In the Cincinnati area, we’ve had the joy of hearing about him and his scumbag mom – sick family
business has been sold, but it still makes you wonder

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Buy something and get cash back…

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Head On apply directly to the forehead. Head on apply DIRECTLY to the forehead. HEAD ON APPLY DIRECTLY TO YOUR FREAKIN FOREHEAD YOU MOTHER #@$&#
(Goes insane)

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I had no idea my old jewelry could be worth somuch moneeyyy

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Hands down it’s that real creepy looking Vincent Price wannabee with the pencil thin mustache and slicked back hair who sells Colon Blow or some supplement.
“The average person has a large amount of fecal matter backed up….”
A true case of one starting to resemble their vocation…

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@SeventhSense they’ve translated it into spanish, too, you know. which is somehow worse.
my favorite part of that ad is when he discusses looking at his daughter’s feces in the toilet.

weirdest fetish ever

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