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Have you ever flown in a weakened state (like after surgery or while you were sick)? Can you share any tips?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12532points) August 20th, 2009

I had surgery a few days ago, and everything hurts so bad. I have to fly tomorrow, and I’ve already printed the documents I need to get wheelchair assistance and to have my friends and family accompany me at the gate. Anything else I should keep in mind or be ready for?


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My only advice is…take all the help they give! Don’t feel badly for accepting it. You are in pain, and need this assistance.

I know I’ve flown with people who are allowed on planes before everyone else, with assistance. They do so, so no one bumps into you and it gives you time to get settled. They should do that for you since you are in a wheelchair.

Good luck!!

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I would simply consult with your physician as to altitude pressure etc.. If he sees no adverse effects then I suppose it will be just the movement and turbulence of the plane which will make you uncomfortable.

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does having too much cognac count? i think i mixed alcohol the wrong way, and let’s just say, a 777 bathroom is not a great place for dry heaving.

let the flight attendant(s) know you’re already not feeling well. they might bring you extra water, pillows, etc. you might even get a better seat, especially if it’s something like surgery.

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I concur with @casheroo – Take all the help offered even if it embarrasses you to do it, and if you need something additional, ask for it. They should indeed allow you on during “pre-boarding” and might even allow a family member to get you settled in.

I had to fly to Ontario from Southern Texas once with a bad leg and I made the mistake of trying to tough it out. I capitulated in Houston and opted for the wheelchair route. It helped immensely. Traveling was still tiring but it was doable with the help.

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How long is the flight? Will you be able to navigate to the toilet unaided? Ask attendants as you board how to get as much assistance as possible. Listen to everyone. Don’t be a heroine.

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Ask when you check in or get to the gate if you can get a free upgrade to first class – airlines sometimes do this for various reasons if there’s a seat open, and I’d say you’ve got a pretty good reason for for needing a more comfortable seat!

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Make sure your flight crew knows that you recently had surgery so that they can be alert to any of your needs. You should probably bring your own pillow, those airplane pillows are not very comfy. Also, make sure they let you pre-board and seat you closer to the front so you don’t have to walk very far. Most airlines are very good about passengers that require special attention.

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Aisle seat forward in the cabin if you are not first class, if it isn’t a large jet you will be using the bathroom in first class (the wc in the back will be very far) but no one will mind.

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Take an immune booster (I use EmergenC) within 30 minutes before you get on and right after you get off. Planes are little germ pools, and in your condition you don’t need a cold on top of it all.

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