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I need help with a eyeglass prescription.

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) August 20th, 2009

I am trying to order contacts online. I have my prescription, sphere, cylinder, and axis. I am on It already has the dimensions of the contacts, but it asks for the power of my eyes. Do I add up sphere, cylinder, and axis; is there another equation I need to use?

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Power is your prescription number. It is in -/+ #.## format.

If you still have trouble figuring out what your power is, paste everything that’s on your prescription here and we’ll tell you.

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O.D.(oculus dextrus) sphere is -1.50, cylinder is -1.00, axisis >002
O.S.(oculus sinister) sphere is -2.00, cylinder is -.75, axis is >146

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I am nearsighted of course

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I understand this. On lensecrafters they ask for your power… I know the sphere power, cylinder power, and axis power.

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I guess they are asking for total power of sphere and cylinder combined?

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As far as I understand, that’s your glasses prescription. A contact lens prescription is different. “A contact lens prescription is not the same as an eyeglass prescription. In addition to the lens power, your contact lens prescription contains several other pieces of information related to the size of the lens.” source

Also see this

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That helped alittle. The prescription “reciept” dosen’t specify for glasses or contacts, I got the exam for glasses though. The only other catagories are “Prism” and “Add.” No PWR, I guess I will have to go see The Man about all of this… Thanks everyone.

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@AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA: Now you know how I feel when I try to read your user name.

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You need to be fitted for contact lenses, because they have to be the right size relative to your eye. If you haven’t been fitted in person, you don’t have enough information to order contact lenses online.

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