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What's the best mattress?

Asked by tiger90 (26points) January 16th, 2008

I need to buy a new mattress that doesn’t make my back hurt in the morning.

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Getting the right one is important. Most people do NOT change their mattresses often enough. So do the research before you put down big bucks (and in my mind you get what you pay for_

The average person spends one-third of their life in bed, but we were surprised to find how little scientific research has been performed on mattresses. The UK-based Which? magazine has the most comprehensive test of 17 memory-foam mattresses. While this is an excellent review that tests for durability (simulating ten years of use), support and overall comfort, few of the tested mattresses are available in the United States. Consumer Reports has a large section on mattresses. For a June 2006 report, the magazine hired industry insiders who tore apart and analyzed 18 top-brand mattresses to reveal the differences of high- and low-priced models. In addition, Consumer Reports enlisted 59 staff members to try out different mattresses in a simulated mattress store. Four couples also tested mattresses at home by sleeping on them for a month. This massive article also includes interviews with mattress makers, visits to a variety of mattress stores, and a Consumer Reports online poll. Consumer Reports also tackles mattress myths and the anatomy of a mattress.

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I had a Simmons BackCare that I loved – but now I’m on a Simmons Beautyrest that’s decen,t but not as good for my back.

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The “best” mattress depends on your particular body, build, preferences, and sleep habits.

Your best bet is to try several. I do a lot of travelling, and I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels, and I usually make a note of finding out what sort of mattress the hotel uses. I was actually thinking about getting a SelectComfort bed until I actually slept on one—it was not for me. We just replaced our ancient mattress with a memory foam mattress (like a Tempur-Pedic, but not that brand) from a place that has a generous customer satisfaction and return policy—we think we’ll like it, but if we don’t, we’ll know within a few weeks.

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These are all good answers… the only thing I’d like to add (besides saying once you’ve found an awesome mattress, every night can be the best night of your live—it’s really worth investing in yourself), is to actually shop around. Spend some time in different stores and actually lie down in different beds. Look for things like spring density, edge support, and most importantly, exactly how it feels to you. Lie like you actually sleep, and don’t rush

I had an amazing Simmons Beautyrest a few years ago, but I moved far away and now I’m decently satisfied with, of all things, an Ikea Sultan Hasselback.

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I have jerry-rigged a system that works for me.

1) a wooden frame with wooden slats that support

2) a firm traditional box spring, on which sits

3) a bed board, that supports

4) an extra-firm foam mattress.

My friends and family say that lying on this is akin to resting on poured concrete;

It suits my back. Everything else feels like a large marshmallow to me.

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Forget about traditional mattresses, for your spine an for your neck, the best is to use those tight foaming ones. they are half as thick and provide support where your body curves up. super comfy. buy pillows of the same materials too. i don’t know any trade names since i never bought them but just had them in my house.

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We like our SelectComfort mattress a lot. We also use body pillows shaped like a 5-foot long “U”. It can be folded and used in many different shapes. I have found that sleeping between the legs of the U with my neck on the center of the U, sleeping on my side with one leg of the U tucked between my knees and the other leg supporting my back, really helps me sleep well.

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Hoss: when you turn over, does the body pillow go w. you? I have one, but it and I seem to move in different directions while I am asleep.

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It’s too big to move with me, I have to move within it. That does require a little more effort, and I’m betting it brings me partly awake. I have had difficulties in the past with nocturnal acid reflux, and staying on one side helps with that, so I prefer the restriction of the pillow surrounding me. It also helps keep me off my back, which cuts down on the snoring, which probably helps my wife out.

I found that having any pillow between my knees while sleeping on my side really helped my back and hips.

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After a round of PT for lower back pain, the therapist said to sleep w. non-down pillow between my knees. I use a regular sized one, but it, too, roams. I was thinking of inventing knee pads that fasten w. velcro (or can I get them at a football supply house?)

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Tried it a long time ago, but they would “spin” around my leg, and then be uncomfortable when I changed positions. The body pillow can’t roam because my body is in essence pinning it down, by my head at the top end, and my top arm is tossed over the middle of the leg between my knees.

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I just bought a sleep number bed and love it. I have several friends and family who have BAD backs and those that bought a sleep number bed love them. They are expensive, but last 25 years or more. Maybe try one out at a store if you can.

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