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How do I stylishly display Polaroid pictures?

Asked by Likeradar (19580points) August 21st, 2009

I have about 70 photos from my Polaroid. Right now, they’re stuck up in a pattern on my “Polaroid wall” with tape. It works for me, but it’s definitley kind of dorm-style decor.

I’m moving soon, and want to display these photos in a more stylish and chic way. I’ve googled “Polaroid frames” but the vast majority of the hits are for digital framing.

Do you guys have any suggestions for how to make them look good or tips for any frames I don’t know about?

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How about buying one big frame and lining them up from top to bottom date order taken?

Paint a big polaroid frame outline on your wall and artistically arrange them inside but stick up with blue tack rather than tape.

Or paint a big polaroid camera on the wall with the illusion of a picture coming out of it and stick photos on that. (Photocopy a picture on to accetate and then use an overhead projector to enlarge the image on the wall, then trace around it)

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Get several large black frames with matting. Arrange the poloroids inside the frame, make sure to leave lots of white space around each photo. Looks very professional!

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How about stretching a wire between two walls and hang the polaroids on it, with clothes-pins.
Making it look like, how photos hang in a dark-room.

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You guys are already proving to be waaay more creative than I am! These are some great ideas.

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If you want to be a asshole you could arrange them like this on the wall.

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I like @photographcrash ‘s idea.

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If the polaroids are older than a year or so, its absolutely safe to cut a Polaroid… Everything solidifies in them after awhile. Then you could probably mount them dimensionally in a large shadow box.

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Polaroids are so inherently stylish, you can hardly go wrong. They are sorely to be missed.

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I’d put them in resin and make a table.
But I like resin.

And that’s kind of hard if you’ve never done it.

I like the clothespin idea, I like it a lot.

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If you have access to a scanner, you might try scanning them into a computer. Once digital, you can do a lot with them, including changing the size as well as removing the white border on the bottom of the polaroid photo. You can also put them into a nice montage.

And if the quality of the original is shabby from all the taping, printing them out from a computer to new paper would fix that.

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@Quagmire Removing the border? Blasphemy!

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Hey! I walk on the wild side!

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something ive always wanted to do with either polaroid pictures or certain black and white photos ive taken is put string or something across a wall and hang the pictures with clips. and do a couple rows like that. i think it would look pretty cool but im not sure i’m explaining it right. im bad with words but what i’m picturing in my head is nice.

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sorry, @rebbel already pretty much said what i said. i didnt see!

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make a shape out of them. i’ve seen people arrange them into heart shapes before, but you can arrange them into whatever design you want.
or maybe line as much of a room as you can with them, like along the middle almost as a divider. the website our bedrooms has a lot of rooms people post with polaroids as the main focus. browse the website if you want. here’s a link to all posts that have to do with polaroids. (:

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@asmonet I would add that you can also embed them in resin and make coasters or placemats with them. I make plastic canvas frames for mine, and pin them up on a framed display board covered with felt.

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And of course, for all of us that don’t have the polaroid-cameras anymore (or never had one), there is Poladroid

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@rebbel Oooh, thanks for that link!

I still have 3 packs of Polaroid film left… I’m saving them for something really special but I have no idea what.
I linked my boyfriend/soon-to-be cohabitator to this question, and so far we’re liking @photographcrash‘s idea the best. Thanks guys!

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@rebbel, is there a market out there for people who want to make their pics look like polaroids?

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If you can, I’d say @johnpowell has the best idea, but man… that would be very tricky!

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@Quagmire If there is a (commercial?) market for it i don’t know, but there is a Flickr-group for Poladroiders.

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Interesting. I bookmarked the site.

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There are always some great ideas on Apartment Therapy and this, and this and “this”: with simple wire and binder clips, would look great.

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@johnpowell I love that, but I think I would drive myself crazy trying to get it to look like that!

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