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Proper grammar for (post) wedding invitation?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) August 22nd, 2009

Dan Lastname and Sarah Lastname would like to invite you to join them for a time of celebration of their October the Ninth Wedding at a reception on Saturday the twenty-fourth of October, two thousand and nine.
can someone (Jeruba mainly ;-)) help me clean this up? the dates specifically…not quite sure how they are supposed to be. To clarify, the wedding will have already happened, it is a “post-wedding” reception. (as in 2 weeks earlier). trying to emphasize the fact that the wedding has already happened and no one was invited.


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Dan Lastname and Sarah Lastname would like to invite you to join them at a reception on Saturday the twenty-fourth of October to celebrate their wedding of October the Ninth, two thousand and nine.

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Are they cousins? Seeing they have the same last name.

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Please join us on October 24th for a reception to celebrate our October 9th, 2009 wedding.

Dan Lastname and Sarah Lastname

Or more casually:

We are having a party on October 24th to celebrate our wedding on October 9th, 2009. Hope you can join us!

Dan Lastname and Sarah Lastname

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@AstroChuck rofl
@janbb they’re looking for a little more formal wording….
@PerryDolia congratulations! I’m using yours!

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Don’t say “would like to invite you” in an invitation. If you would like to, then go ahead and do it! This is the invitation.

Question: will the invitation go out before the wedding has actually taken place, so you are letting people know in advance that there’s to be a wedding and they aren’t invited? Or will the invitation be sent after the wedding is already over (so you’re giving only two weeks’ notice)? This affects the wording and also the degree of delicacy required.

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What you need here is an announcement and invitation combined:
John and Jane Doe were married on the 12th of October, 2009 in a private ceremony. They invite you to celebrate their union yadda, yadda, yadda. Worded better than that. Jeruba?

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I agree with @augustlan.

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Yes, something like that, @augustlan. But first we need the question answered. Will the wedding ceremony itself be past or future when the prospective guest receives the invitation?

As for the styling of the dates, whatever way it is done, it should be done consistently. No random caps for part of it. The dates are the easy part, after the actual wording is set.

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You should write out the year in words, and, if you’re American, I would recommend taking out the “and” in “two thousand and nine.” To back that up:

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